Commit Reimagines Tech Staffing With “Cloud of People,” the Future of R&D Team Building

  • New Staffing Model Applies the Rapid Scalability and Flexibility Seen in Cloud Technology to Address the Transformation of Business and Future of Work

Driving the future of tech R&D, Commit, the leading global tech services company focused on custom software and IoT solutions, unveiled a revolutionary new staffing solution, Cloud of People. The new service addresses the most critical challenges companies face when hiring engineers and tech specialists today, applying the rapid scalability and flexibility seen in cloud technology to quickly build successful teams for any development project, while greatly reducing time and costs.

“Tech recruiting has never been more difficult. The gap between supply and demand is growing rapidly, and the rising costs for tech experts have never been higher. This places tremendous pressure on businesses, and particularly startups, who have limited funding and time to get products to market”

“Tech recruiting has never been more difficult. The gap between supply and demand is growing rapidly, and the rising costs for tech experts have never been higher. This places tremendous pressure on businesses, and particularly startups, who have limited funding and time to get products to market,” said Max Nirenberg CRO & Managing Director, Commit USA. “Cloud of People is the perfect solution to not only tackle these challenges, but also capitalize on emerging trends to forge a new path forward.”

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Commit’s new offering comes at a time of unprecedented change across the tech workforce. In the US alone, there were more than 1.2 million active job vacancies in September for computer occupations such as software development and programming, and technology talent shortages are expected to cause more than $8 trillion in unrealized annual revenue by 2030. All the while, the costs of hiring specialists are rapidly rising, with salaries for positions like data scientists and cybersecurity experts increasing 13% – 16% year-over-year in 2021.

Commit’s Cloud of People addresses these emerging challenges and more by breaking down legacy approaches to hiring, while streamlining HR processes to quickly form new teams and mitigate risk.

By deploying the Cloud of People model, Commit’s clients can effortlessly onboard dedicated teams of senior, highly skilled software developers and tech experts within just two weeks. With more than 600 multi-disciplinary experts from around the world, Commit can supply the best engineering talent for any project or role.

Commit makes staffing hassle-free by managing the entire team-building process – screening, interviewing, and recruiting top-talent – all with no risk to its clients.

Commit’s Cloud of People uniquely enables:

  • Try-before-you-buy talent management – Hire premium talent for a two-week trial period, which acts as an 80-hour real-world interview with zero risk – if the new hire isn’t a fit, either culturally or based on skillset, the client pays nothing
  • Rapid team scaling – Scale from zero to 20 expert resources in just two weeks to fill any development role, including front end, back end, full stack and even QA
  • Access to multi-disciplinary experts – Commit’s highly-skilled specialists have advanced expertise in React, Angular, NodeJS, Python, Java and .Net and more to address the unique needs of any project
  • Hassle-free staffing – All HR processes, including onboarding and team-forming, are handled by Commit, which greatly reduces the time and cost when compared to traditional recruiting

“As a talent specialist for tech recruitment, who has served as a consultant and direct employee for both software and services companies alike, we’re all facing a massive crisis across our workforce in the U.S. Hiring quality software developers has never been more challenging, complex and costly,” said Laura Hart, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Nuvalence. “Commit is taking this challenge head-on and leveraging a global talent pool to help growth stage startups in the states. I applaud their Cloud of People solution. It is the perfect answer to a complex situation that is expensive and time consuming at its core. They provide the quality and scale at a rapid pace that many companies need to meet to support their in-house efforts.”

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Founded in 2005, Commit is Israel’s leading tech R&D and software development firm, offering a comprehensive range of engineering capabilities and resources to design and deliver any project on time, on budget, and with superior quality.

To date, Commit has led nearly 1,200 software development projects for more than 1,000 organizations around the world. Its customers range from early-stage startups to international brands including IBM, Citi, JFrog and many others. Since Commit’s expansion into North America earlier this year, the company has increased its client base in the region by six times.

Workforce Trends to Watch

  • Tech salaries are rising fast – The median salary of software developers reached $100,000+ during the pandemic and will continue growing. Niche subject matter experts, like data scientists or cybersecurity analysts, are seeing 13% to 16% year-over-year growth.
  • Work from anywhere is exploding – Technologist salaries in NC and WI saw near 10% year-over-year growth last year, while CA, the home of Silicon Valley only saw about 2% growth. Workers are demanding the ability to work from anywhere, and salaries are no longer dictated by cost of living. Employers who embrace this globally will come out on top.
  • Demand for specialists is growing – Openings for the software and IT industry have grown 119% since the start of the pandemic. And the gap between supply and demand is only growing, with talent shortages projected to result in more than $8 trillion in unrealized annual revenue by 2030.
  • Tech talent is the most needed — U.S. software development job postings in September were up 73% compared to February, while total U.S. job postings are up about 43%
  • To meet demand, think globally – 72% of full-time graduate students in computer and information sciences and electrical engineering programs in the U.S. are foreign nationals who face restrictions when searching for U.S. employment

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