Harri Announces Product Innovation Designed to Propel the Frontline Employee Experience and Restaurant Profitability

Latest product release includes 70 new features and updates across the comprehensive people platform built to power hospitality organizations

Harri, the revolutionary Frontline Employee Experience platform serving over 55,000 restaurant and hotel locations and four million hospitality employees globally, announced the availability of its latest product release featuring significant new features and updates across the Harri suite, keenly focused on powering exceptional frontline teams.

Hospitality organizations – including restaurants, resorts, and hotels – continue to struggle with talent and operational issues that diminish their ability to thrive in a highly regulated and competitive environment. These challenges shrink already razor-thin profit margins.

“Market conditions and compliance requirements are creating challenges for hospitality organizations. Our team is laser focused on the differentiating and valuable role people-first technology can play in helping teams rise above the chaos and succeed,” noted Harri CEO and Founder, Luke Fryer. “I am thrilled to see the Harri team deliver our boldest product release yet, loaded with 70 new features and updates and anchored in our vision to power hospitality profitability with innovation that drives business performance through team performance.”

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With product updates issued seasonally, Harri’s Summer 2024 Release includes updates across Harri’s Talent Acquisition, Workforce Management, Core HR and Engagement solutions with highlights including:

  • HALO Dashboards: At the intersection of business intelligence and ease of navigation lies our new HALO experience, starting with a stunning home base for leaders to understand critical metrics in real-time and accelerate the path from data to insight to action.
  • Harri Engage: First announced in November 2023, this powerful communication & insight tool continues to deepen in capability with added flexibility for touchpoint delivery and sentiment reporting to help boost retention rapidly.
  • Advanced Talent Pool: An exciting addition to Harri Talent Acquisition, this new way to tap into Talent Pools with automation intelligently groups candidates together then facilitates running recruiting campaigns for faster hiring.
  • Multi-Unit Manager (MUM) Dashboard: A curated view for busy managers juggling multiple units, this landing page puts critical sales and labor information together in one simple visual spot, then makes it easy to launch quickly into action.

Harri’s latest release is focused on helping hospitality organizations turn critical business data into actionable insights to power their profitability.

With this release, Harri continues to deliver suite-wide innovation that helps hospitality teams – from frontline workers to managers and owners – be their most productive with industry-centric technology that enables efficiency, engagement and the best employee experience possible.

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