CyberSN and Lares: Operationalizing Cybersecurity Workforce Solutions

CyberSN, a leading cybersecurity talent acquisition technology and services firm with a strong focus on diversity, and Lares, a global leader in security assessment, testing, and coaching, are proud to announce a new partnership providing the industry with unparalleled access to cybersecurity resources and services.

Recognizing the financial and operational challenges cybersecurity leaders face due to the growing shortage of professionals, CyberSN and Lares together are enabling organizations to maximize their budgets, utilize resources more efficiently, and retain talent.

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“Cybersecurity leaders need better talent support. With most organizations operating on compliance budgets versus security budgets, now more than ever our community needs the ability to get more done with less and they need to do so without creating burnout within their staff. Together with Lares we can provide this relief,” says Deidre Diamond, Founder & CEO of CyberSN.

Combining CyberSN’s job matching platform which enables the ability to deliver qualified and interested cybersecurity professionals quickly to project-based work, long term contracts and permanent positions; with Lares’ expertise in offensive and defensive security operations, creates a unique and productive solution to a long-standing problem – lack of clarity in cyber tasks and projects.

Together, the companies are offering a range of services assisting leaders to easily define and complete cybersecurity projects, resolve cyber gaps, and support employee retention. Leaders can expect right-skilled cybersecurity professionals at the right time, with a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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“Providing top-tier cybersecurity services requires a unique blend of talent from our resources. The industry demand for this talent surpasses the availability of qualified resources through conventional job searching. Partnering with CyberSN will continue our efforts in delivering the quality and availability of talent that our customer’s require,” says Chris Nickerson and Eric Smith, the Co-Founders of Lares.

This partnership offers flexibility and scalability, enabling leaders to scale up or down quickly on a project-by-project basis. The specialized expertise and exceptional experience of the CyberSN and Lares teams, combined with their broad reach, can solve cyber challenges for any size organization, from niche to routine, strategic through tactical.

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