Sociabble Acquires Alhena to Boost Social Media-driven Employee Advocacy Campaigns

A leader in employee advocacy solutions, Sociabble has acquired Alhena. Alhena is a SaaS-based technology company that owns SociallyMap and SociallyUp solutions. By acquiring Alhena, Sociabble is expected to transform the nature of employee advocacy campaigns using automated content workflows. At the time of this announcement, Alhena’s founder Florent Hernandez, said, “By joining forces with Sociabble, we will enable all our clients to extend the range of possibilities. Sociabble is an obvious partner, both because of its position as a leader and because of our shared vision of business.” “SociallyMap’s ‘mapping’ makes it possible to visually construct the aggregation and distribution of content, whether for internal communication or employee advocacy, and thus automate tedious tasks,” explains Jean-Louis Bénard, CEO of Sociabble.

Loyal customers are best at employee advocacy — LinkedIn says that it is one of the best ways for companies to showcase their best talent to the world. According to a LinkedIn survey, the click-through rate on a post written by an employee is twice compared to a piece of content posted by the company. Why? On an average, LinkedIn users have 10x more connections in their networks compared to what company’s have as followers.

So, social media content is a very influential medium to engage with followers and establish a likable brand image. In the modern era of social media promotions, employee advocacy has become a very powerful tool for brand building and corporate reputation. Generally, employee advocacy is seen as a unique way to engage with users and followers with content created by employees or staff. You can call this as an influencer marketing campaign, but owned by employees of a particular brand or company. A good employee advocacy program enables an organization to attract like-minded candidates to the interviews, and also retain more staff during challenging times by using social media content. More than 90% of the prospects or candidates apply to a job in an organization after seeing and following content posted and shared by the current employees. This is a huge force that drives a bulk of candidate profiles during hiring and recruitment. A negative feedback or comment from an employee can force a candidate to abandon the process. This happened in 55% of the cases. Companies like Sociabble help organizations in creating a very brand-conscious image through employees who understand the importance of powerful online messaging and social listening. It could be seen as a form of employee communication where peers and external customers could join in a conversation wholeheartedly. but this happens outside of the organization.

With more than 80 employees based in its offices in Europe, the United States and Asia, Sociabble has more than doubled its bookings in 2021 and expects sustained growth in the years to come, while maintaining a profitability dynamic that is exceptional in its market.

Jean-Louis Bénard also added, “We are now entering a new phase in Sociabble’s growth, which combines organic and external growth. We are looking for players who want to join forces with us and share the bootstrap spirit that drives us, as opposed to the excesses of loss-making hyper-growth.”

So, if you are looking to build a strong brand image around your top talent force, use of social media and employee advocacy is very beneficial. It could not only boost your social media image but also drive revenues by opening new areas of business development, by gaining you new followers (prospective customers), by improving your brand-connect and by establishing a strong corporate image across digital space.

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