Progress from Discussion to Action After the Derek Chauvin Verdict: A Call to Action

Circa welcomes the guilty verdict in George Floyd’s murder trial and commends the 12 Minnesota jurors who upheld the rule of law.

As a company that believes in the transformative power of diversity, Circa is steadfast in its belief that people are all created equal; and government, including law enforcement should provide all citizens equal protection under the law, regardless of race.

Circa is cognizant of the fact that one guilty verdict does not change make. It’s unsettling to think of what direction things may have gone had the verdict been different. Sadly, our nation gets to do this again in August when the three other policemen are tried. Then, in the midst of all this, Daunte Wright is killed in the hands of another police officer. And another, and another.

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The U.S. judicial system plays an important role in meting out justice to victims who are wronged. “A court case can set precedence by way of case law, yet the change we seek in our society to ensure that this never happens again can only be brought about by continued action to eliminate racism, bias, bigotry, and hate in all forms. Systemic problems require systemic solutions,” said Roselle Rogers, Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Circa”

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Addressing systemic racism takes time and progress can be made. Towards this end, Circa encourages:

  1. Policy reform. Enact legislation to bring about meaningful police reform that will hold law enforcement accountable for misconduct, improve transparency, and reform police training and policies.
  2. Policies and programs aimed towards removing barriers and levelling the playing field for historically marginalized populations in society.
  3. Transcending from discussion to action. As individuals and as corporations, there is a role that each of us can play – no matter how big or small – to bring about change. Join. Get involved.
  4. Speak up when you see it. Have the courage of Daniella Frazier and bear witness to injustice, bias, hate, and racism.
  5. Educating others. Empathy starts with awareness and understanding. Learning to harness diversity is the key to a better future. While people are all different, and speak with different voices, there is a shared dream, hope, for a better, just, and equitable society – if not for us, for the next generation.  Learn to work together as one and this will be achieved.

Rogers concluded, “Racism needs to end with our generation. Change begins with you and me, and it begins now.”

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