Xembly Unveils VoicePrint, New AI Technology to Support In-Person and Hybrid Work Scenarios

As major organizations like Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Salesforce, Uber and others revamp their work-from-home policies to require in-person work, the challenge of how hybrid teams communicate and remain productive is once again at the forefront. In fact, 82% of the Fortune 100 operate on hybrid or office first policies1. Against this backdrop, Xembly, the world’s first AI-powered chief of staff, unveiled VoicePrint, a new technology that automatically identifies individual participants in a meeting — whether they are in-person or remote — to facilitate precise, automated note-taking and action item capture and assignment. There is no limit to the number of meeting participants the technology can recognize.

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Launched in March 2022, Xembly uses powerful AI technology that accurately detects conversational intent and speaker identity. From automatically creating notes for meetings and assigning items to the appropriate attendees to complex meeting and schedule optimization, Xembly saves workers time instantly and is vastly more capable than transcription services that provide generic notes and require human review. Over 70 percent of Xembly-summarized meetings are shared with no edits by the organizer.

With VoicePrint, Xembly builds on its foundation with proprietary voice fingerprinting algorithms. Xembly’s blind speaker segmentation and layered voice fingerprinting technology automatically identify all meeting participants in a single audio channel. This unique voice identifier can identify a speaker to attribute notes, actions, and follow-up items during a meeting. In addition, the Xembly team has built this technology with enterprise-grade security in mind. For example, users can delete the video and transcript for their meetings after the Summary is generated, edit or redact their Summaries, or even delete their VoicePrint if they wish.

“Navan has distributed teams around the world, from Palo Alto to Singapore. We value our in-person time for brainstorming but also want to continue building on the great productivity tools we’ve developed with our virtual teams,” said Galen Grady, Senior Director of Expense Strategy & Operations at Navan, the all-in-one travel and expense management super app. “Xembly has been incredible, carefully keeping track of everyone’s opinions, allowing attendees to remain present without being distracted by notetaking and secure in the confidence that action items are tracked after each meeting. The fact that Xembly can do this in a noisy conference room is helpful.”

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“Whether in person or over a video conference line, we all know that some of the most productive breakthroughs happen in meetings,” said Pete Christothoulou, Xembly CEO. “Our mission is to help every employee focus on meaningful work. By tapping into conversational AI advances in voice technology, Xembly makes sure that insights and action items in meetings are accurately and automatically captured, whether online or in person, so workers can be present, purposeful, and improve decision making.”

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