Lessons From the Company That Figured Out Remote Work on a Global Scale Before the Pandemic Hit

Due to COVID-19, companies were forced to adjust and accommodate working from home for the safety of their employees. One unexpected outcome was the newfound success of remote work, namely increased productivity, which led many business leaders to consider shifting full time to remote or hybrid workplaces. Nevertheless, companies continue to struggle to design a permanent change in their business structure. Lingble, on the other hand, barely noticed any changes within their company during the pandemic. Why? Because their business was built on the foundation of remote work, far prior to the pandemic.

Built on a Foundation of Remote Work

When Alejandro Vargas and Mahoto Harada, co-founders of Lingble, started the e-commerce solutions company, they consciously chose to build in the remote work factor. As a result, Lingble became a company that can run all sites on their platform for their clients 24/7, with multi-country development team support and round-the-clock customer care in a multitude of languages.

“For a cross-border eCommerce company operating on a global level, a diverse and multicultural workforce literally comes with the territory; we knew that remote work was the only way to get the team that we wanted,” said Alejandro Vargas. “We also believed that this was the future of work and we were on the same page about its benefits, including the significant cost savings,” added Mahoto Harada.

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Key Takeaways to Embrace Remote Work

The co-founders of Lingble who successfully built a fully remote company shared the following three key takeaways to help others to embrace remote work:

  1. Throw out your preconceived notions of what a workplace should look like – you have to accept that you will not be able to have full control of your physical environment.
  2. Develop a goal-oriented culture of ownership, with management methodologies such as Agile, even if your company is not in the technology sector.
  3. Remember that there are no “coffee breaks with colleagues” in a remote work environment, making it even more important to provide opportunities for people to connect on a personal level, to not only generate comradery but also to build a unique culture.

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Global Talent Reach & Hiring Policy at Lingble

In contrast to traditional office structures, which may lead companies to miss out on incredible talent because prospective candidates cannot relocate, Lingble’s talent reach is entirely location-agnostic.

Additionally, companies like Lingble are able to tap into talent that are oftentimes overlooked. For example, Lingble offers parents working from home the ability to spend more time with their children as well as to give people living with disabilities the opportunity to flourish in a global work environment. You can read more about their diversity, equity and inclusion hiring policy here.

The Lingble Culture

By utilizing Zoom, Lingble provides a wide variety of activities for its team members to participate in. They hold “SociaLings” for the fast growing team members to get to know each other, a book club to discuss personal and professional development, as well as yoga, meditation, and game nights.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed the way companies operate, but has also expedited digitalization plans of companies. The surge in e-commerce activity, driven by unprecedented demand from consumers, presents a unique opportunity for businesses to reach out to previously untapped potential from the global audience.

Lingble’s remote work environment made it possible to onboard companies that are looking to start their online business with ease, and their business continues to thrive.

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