Latest Coveo Features Deliver Seamless Employee Experience

Coveo, the leading AI-powered relevance platform, announced its new Slack connector and Chrome Extension at the Relevance 360 event. The new features will make relevant content even more accessible.

With the changing nature of work, companies need to make it easier for their workforce to have access to relevant workplace knowledge when needed. As per Forrester, 70% of companies will be turning to a hybrid work model. The remote work environment doesn’t allow for much interaction.

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Coveo Strengthens Partnership With Salesforce 

Many companies are using Slack to foster communication and collaboration though knowledge and expertise is often trapped in those conversations. Coveo’s partnership with Salesforce is strengthened with Slack Connector that simplifies bringing Slack conversations and files into search results without requiring users to leave the current workspace for employees.

The Workplace Solutions by Coveo are built on the Coveo Relevance Cloud platform and benefit from all the platform-wide content security, governance and integrity that enterprises require. This includes permissions and authorities to ensure that the right information is seen by the right employees, and respecting access controls.

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Improving The Digital Workplace Experience

Additionally, Coveo’s new Chrome extension allows employees instant search access to the corporate intranet for immediate information as needed within the flow of their work. Companies can enable Coveo search in Chrome so that their workforce can access content regardless of their geographical location. They no longer would need to switch workspaces to find information required for their jobs.

The General Manager, Service and Workplace at Coveo, Sawan Deshpande, said that at Coveo we want to help companies drive resiliency, improve the digital workplace experience, and foster connectivity. With our new Slack connector, it will be easier than ever before to work together from anywhere, he added.

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