FlexJobs Releases 2024 Digital Nomad Guide to Work-From-Anywhere Careers

Remote career service shares comprehensive report of leading companies and jobs for aspiring anywhere workers

Remote work, and particularly the opportunity to work from anywhere, remains one of the most sought-after and competitive working arrangements. In a FlexJobs Work-From-Anywhere Survey, 75 percent of people said they would use a work-from-anywhere policy if provided by their employer, and half (50 percent) would take a pay cut to have the option of working without location restrictions. To help job seekers better assess remote job opportunities while embracing a work-from-anywhere lifestyle, FlexJobs has released the 2024 Digital Nomad Guide covering the top companies, career categories, and job titles for work-from-anywhere jobs.

FlexJobs defines a “digital nomad” as any professional who has the ability to work remotely from various locations around the world and is not tied to a specific city, state, or country. To compile the 2024 report, FlexJobs analyzed its database and determined which companies had the highest volume of work-from-anywhere job postings that met the following criteria between January 1 and May 31, 2024:

Follows “work from anywhere” arrangement with zero location restrictions
Is a fully remote job and doesn’t require any time in the office
Provides a full or part-time schedule
Top 10 Companies for Work-From-Anywhere Jobs
Ordered from highest to lowest in the volume of work-from-anywhere job listings since the start of 2024, the top 10 companies were:

1. Canonical
2. Veeva
3. Invisible Technologies
4. Remote Technology
5. Quadcode Group
6. Chainlink Labs
7. Yodo1
8. Social Discovery Group
9. WOO Network
10. Percona

“We’re proud to recognize the leading employers providing a steady flow of work-from-anywhere opportunities,” said Keith Spencer, Career Expert at FlexJobs. “We hope the findings in FlexJobs’ latest report help job seekers better assess their job options and evaluate whether digital nomadism aligns with their lifestyle, financial resources, and overall career goals.”

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Top 10 Work-From-Anywhere Careers
The top 10 career categories that posted the most work-from-anywhere jobs during the same period included:

1. Computer & IT
2. Marketing
3. Customer Service
4. Project Management
5. Writing
6. Accounting & Finance
7. Product
8. Bilingual
9. Sales
10. Account Management

Similarly to past years, computer and IT and marketing held the top two spots. Continuing from trends in 2023, the customer service and project management categories showed strong hiring of work-from-anywhere roles, and product and bilingual categories remained relatively steady. Although lower in the total volume of jobs, sales and account management also scaled enough to break into the top 10 ranking, while writing and accounting and finance fell slightly.

Most In-Demand Work-From-Anywhere Jobs
Mirroring the wide range of career categories, the most in-demand work-from-anywhere job titles were:

1. Account Executive
2. Content Writer
3. Data Analyst
4. DevOps Engineer
5. Editor
6. Engineering Manager
7. Marketing Manager
8. Product Designer
9. Product Manager
10. Software Engineer

In FlexJobs’ 2024 Work-From-Anywhere Survey, 16 percent of respondents said they would “fully embrace digital nomadism” if they had a work-from-anywhere job. But fully committing to working as a digital nomad is more complex than many workers anticipate. With Italy and Turkey the latest countries to offer digital nomad visas, FlexJobs’ career experts have outlined key advice for understanding digital nomad visas, including which countries offer nomad visas, how to determine one’s eligibility, and key steps to applying.

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