WillHire and Checkr Bring the Gig Economy to Enterprise Hiring

WillHire and Checkr enable organizations with a pool of pre-checked workers who can start work immediately

WillHire and Checkr announced they are working together to modernize how enterprise organizations find and engage workers. This first-to-market, fully integrated partnership means companies will have access to pre-background checked workers from their private talent pool. WillHire’s class-leading, direct sourcing and talent pool solution combined with Checkr’s AI and machine learning technology, including Continuous Check, make background checks faster, easier, and more compliant.

The two organizations have partnered to connect their platforms, enabling enterprise contingent hiring teams to immediately fill critical job vacancies with pre-background checked candidates. This partnership provides hiring managers with a bench of talent who have been pre-vetted and background checked so they can begin work when the hiring manager needs them.

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“We’re on a mission to transform enterprise contingent workforce programs and our partnership with Checkr helps us deliver on this. The historic background check process caused delays in getting workers on the job quickly. With Checkr and their Continuous Check feature, our customers will have a talent pool of pre-screened candidates who can start work immediately. With their geo-local talent pool through WillHire, coupled with Checkr, we can fill shifts in minutes and completely change the hiring process” says Praneeth Patlola, CEO and Founder of WillHire.

The gig economy has empowered consumers with immediate access to rides, food delivery, grocery shopping, and more but this gig economy concept hasn’t been available to enterprise workforce programs until now. With access to workers who can start work immediately across all categories of roles, including manufacturing, distribution, and professional roles, brings the value and benefits of the gig economy to the enterprise.

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“The Checkr platform was designed, tested, and tuned for one of the most transformational events in modern HR – the rise of the gig economy,” Marc Diouane, Chief Business Officer at Checkr. “Now in 2021, the definitions of contingent labor are changing just as drastically. WillHire’s technology-first approach to direct sourcing has moved the bar for traditional staffing modalities. Unique in staffing their investment in Continuous Check brings a new level of trust and safety to clients by ensuring candidates remain compliant and screened throughout their candidate journey. WillHire’s focus on candidate experience, speed to placement, and delivering almost instantly a high level of talent, aligns perfectly with the API-led strategy on which Checkr was built.”

Also, Checkr believes in building a better future for everyone by making hiring fairer, more inclusive, diverse, and efficient. Candidates are real people whose lives depend on the results. That’s why Checkr has a goal in 2021 to unlock twice as many candidates this year as last year, up to three million people.

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