Rangam and Spectrum Fusion Collaboration Empowers Neurodivergent Employees and Job Seekers

Staffing leader Rangam is collaborating with Spectrum Fusion to create an ad campaign designed and produced entirely by individuals on the autism spectrum to highlight open positions at some of the nation’s top companies offered through Rangam’s SourceAbled program.  By employing a team of creative professionals who are themselves on the autism spectrum, Rangam and Spectrum Fusion will connect with untapped neurodiverse talent to showcase available jobs and to highlight the benefits of a strong and effective diversity and inclusion program.

It is estimated that currently only about 14% of adults with autism are employed in the U.S. SourceAbled, a proprietary workforce solution powered by Rangam, goes beyond a traditional job placement program by matching Fortune 500-type companies with neurodivergent talent seeking to build and sustain successful and fulfilling careers. 

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The Spectrum Fusion Media team has been hired to create a video ad campaign that highlights job openings available through SourceAbled. SourceAbled uses an end-to-end, tech-enable hiring program to build a connected inclusive community in the workplace for neurodivergent talent. It is designed to attract and place qualified job seekers as businesses look to establish, build, and maintain their disability inclusion practices and establish and nurture a culture of inclusion.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Spectrum Fusion Media team and are honored to give these talented individuals a platform where they can truly show off their skills while connecting with other neurodivergent persons,” said Nish Parikh, CEO of Rangam. “One of our goals is employment for all, but too often talent on the autism spectrum is overlooked for creative positions. The exemplary work the Spectrum Fusion team has produced showcases that individuals on the spectrum can excel in virtually any field when given the opportunity.”

“We are truly grateful to Rangam for giving the Spectrum Fusion team the opportunity to work together on this campaign and offer the staff the opportunity to see themselves as the creative professionals that they truly are,” said Dr. Heidi Stieglitz Ham, Founder and CEO of Spectrum Fusion. “Through this campaign, our employees have the chance to use all their creative talent to produce a finished product that will not only help Rangam and SourceAbled achieve their goals but will help set other neurodiverse individuals on the path to fulfilling careers. Our hope is this collaboration can help smash stereotypes and open more doors for creatives in the field.”

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Spectrum Fusion is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of lives of adults on the autism spectrum by unleashing their full potential and providing new connections and opportunities for them to bring their talents and gifts to society. The organization employs a full staff of creative professionals on its Spectrum Fusion Media team who were previously unemployed and did not have any outlets or opportunities to use their talents to their full potential. The team is comprised of highly qualified individuals who have earned degrees in videography, media production, communications, and visual arts. Spectrum Fusion Media is now providing media services to businesses and organizations across the U.S.

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