Why HR Must Invest in ATS: How It Can Help With Recruitment

Recruiting has evolved with the arrival of digitally enhanced tools and platforms. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a one-stop software for every recruiter. An ATS can automate, simplify and accelerate the entire recruiting process. Not only these — ATS users are better positioned to hire and onboard high-quality talent, thereby reducing the overall cost-per-hire.

We are familiar with the perennial challenges of recruiting process. It still requires a massive amount of commitment, time, and resources. Businesses recognize that hiring and recruiting the best applicants will only contribute to the next best stages of business, and nothing else. Hence, it is also imperative for them to stay updated with smart recruiting strategies. This allows the department to free up tedious activities to change their team of out-of-date applicant monitoring procedures into new recruitment strategies, thus reducing the chance of losing suitable applicants for each role.

Here, in this article, we will talk about how ATS software can help to simplify recruitment processes while improving the quality of the candidate, among other benefits.

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An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a solution that identifies and tracks both external and internal candidates for all types of business roles. ATS is an application that is designed to aid in recruiting and hiring processes. It essentially allows the business to gather information regarding all the job applicants and all the opportunities for them to be engaged in. It also contains features such as advanced search options, data analysis, as well as self-service analytics. All types of businesses including a variety of industries and functions have used ATS software to manage the hiring process and reduce the risk of losing candidates due to improper tracking and documentation.

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Advanced recruiting and workforce management software not only provide employers with extensive visibility into candidates’ experience, qualifications, and work ethics but also allow them to streamline their recruitment processes. Organizations should start with secure, hosted, and modern recruitment software as it provides a perfect combination of software and IT services that are effective and efficient. Also, the ability to update applications quickly without incurring too much cost saves a lot of time and money. This is why HR departments are opting for these free tools.  ATS does not consume a large amount of employees’ time or their valuable resources. You can make it work for you, depending on your needs.

What are the Benefits of Implementing an ATS?

By using an ATS, organizations can reduce the cost associated with hiring by attracting top applicants, as well as by better managing hiring profiles.

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Additionally, HR will be able to improve efficiency in their routine recruitment tasks, such as resume gathering, applicant sourcing, data and document management, data processing and verification, and so on. Due to the size of the applicant pool, it is essential that employers monitor the resume feedback and performance of each applicant. However, this is not always possible for a large number of candidates.

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How to Choose the Right ATS for Your HR Needs

Nowadays, there are many recruitment software solutions and services to choose from. ATS software is flexible and can cater to diverse business needs. An ATS is tailored for employers, with different features designed for each business and applicant. However,  there are key features that can help you decide whether you should get an ATS for your company.  ATS software allows you to register candidates with the company, create their social profiles and follow their actions online. It is very useful to increase your visibility as well as recruit them by taking part in relevant conversations, events, and networks.


It’s no lie that recruitment and HR departments have been consistently evolving, refining, and streamlining the way that they perform recruiting tasks. It is ever-evolving with new practices being used as old technologies become obsolete. And the primary questions that we need to ask are: what makes one recruitment system better than another? And how can it be determined which recruitment system is best for your team?

Some of the key tasks that HR needs to do can be completed online and not have to use a person for their responsibility. Before the popularization of ATS, the task of recruiting and tracking applicants was distributed among team members that had no idea how to get the job done properly. By using AI, the hiring process can become more efficient and automated. Nowadays, a number of jobs run smoothly thanks to powerful applicant tracking solutions. Working with ATS range of applicant tracking software will provide HR managers the ability to improve the recruitment process.