Wellness in the Remote Workplace: New Survey from Virtual Vocations Offers Window into How Successful Professionals, Jobseekers Practice Healthy Habits

New survey results from one of the web’s leading remote job boards offer a window into what wellness looks like while working from home.

New survey results from one of the web’s leading remote job boards offer a window into how professionals and jobseekers alike perceive and practice wellness in the remote workplace.

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Founded in 2007, Virtual Vocations has spent the last 13 years connecting jobseekers with legitimate remote job openings from thousands of expert-vetted employers that have long prioritized flexibility in the workplace. But in 2020, flexibility isn’t the only reason professionals are increasingly turning to remote work.

“It is no secret that 2020 has been an unpredictable year,” said Virtual Vocations CEO Laura Spawn. “Amid widespread concerns for public and personal health in communities, at workplaces, and within homes, we wanted to learn more about what wellness while working remotely looks like.”

Released Monday, the results of Virtual Vocations’ 2020 Remote Work Wellness Survey paint a promising picture.

More than 1,200 Virtual Vocations members responded to the survey, which was conducted as part of the company’s yearly National Work and Family Month celebration from Oct. 19–23, 2020.

Of those surveyed, nearly three-quarters (71.57%) said they practice wellness regularly, whether that’s by eating healthy meals, getting enough sleep, exercising, or meditating. And it seems working from home makes practicing wellness easier: 91.57% of respondents who work remotely said they participate in at least one wellness activity, compared to just over 81% of onsite workers.

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The survey also uncovered compelling benefits for those who make wellness a priority. According to Virtual Vocations’ report on its findings, more than 94% of respondents who said their personal relationships have grown stronger over the last six months also reported regularly engaging in at least one wellness activity. Of those, nearly 28% said they also saw increased productivity at work during that time.

Separately, nearly 90% of respondents who said they’ve experienced increased job satisfaction over the last six months said they regularly practice wellness, including by taking scheduled breaks during the workday and prioritizing boundaries between work and home. A full 91.21% of those who saw a boost in their own productivity said they, too, maintain at least one of these healthy habits.

According to Spawn, the results of Virtual Vocations’ 2020 Remote Work Wellness Survey also shine light on “professional and personal life factors that influence remote workers’ and remote jobseekers’ decisions related to wellness and healthy habits, as well as how they perceive their overall career outlooks and future employment stability.”

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