A Game-Changer for Front-Line Staff: iTacit Employee App Integrates Forms and Workflows

iTacit announced today that their employee communication platform now has form building and automated workflow functions built in.

These new upgrades were developed specifically for companies that manually collect hard copies of operation-critical data or have processes tied to Excel and Google Forms.

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Digitizing employee-generated data, whether HR-related or operation-based, benefits both front-line staff and managers. For employees, it centralizes tools within an easy-to-use app without loose paperwork. Managers can set up automated sign-offs, approvals, and targeted distribution.

iTacit President and COO Luke Megarity states:

“Our goal on this project was to create the simplest experience possible to receive and analyze data from employees.

“Our workflows allow the same targeting [role, location, seniority, etc.] as the other tools in iTacit, with deadlines for completion and on-demand form availability. We’re extremely pleased with the outcome, and we know that this will help the efficiency and compliance levels in many types of companies.”

The form builder allows companies to control a form’s design and layout, implementing step-by-step processes and building in optional, advanced features such as: drop-down menus, radio buttons, text fields, multiple choice and multiple select.

Additionally, documents and photos can be attached directly from smartphones via the mobile app. For tracking purposes, the new system notes the date and time of completion, packing in a sign-off feature.

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Forms can also serve as compliance tools for employee documents, ensuring that they’ve signed off and understand its contents.

iTacit’s workflows enable unlimited stakeholders to contribute to a form: For example, an employee can complete the first part of the form, and – once completed – workflows will automatically notify their manager (or direct report) that they must now complete the second part of the form.

Data collected by forms is readily available so that administrators can make educated business decisions from the information they’ve gathered. This includes CSV/Excel exports for static questionnaires (like Daily Safety Inspections) or direct integration into BI Tools to show leaders real-time data and analytics.

Megarity adds: “And of course, like the rest of the program, everything is available on the branded employee app right on their phone – or the company’s dedicated web portal.”

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