Programmatic Job Advertising Leader Joveo Launches Industry-First Cookieless Candidate Tracking Capability

 Joveo, the global leader in programmatic recruitment advertising technology, announced today the launch of its cookieless candidate tracking capability, the first of its kind in the recruitment marketing ecosystem.

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In the job advertising space today, cookies are commonly used as a way to track online job seeker behavior and understand their journeys along the recruitment marketing funnel, right from where they click on a job ad to when they fill out an application. The use of cookies has traditionally enabled recruitment marketers to evaluate the performance and quality of their campaigns and talent sources.

However, stringent privacy and data protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, have made cookie-based tracking of job seekers to capture online conversion data exceedingly difficult. A large number of candidates often opt out of the use of cookies, making it nearly impossible to track their digital journeys from clicks (sources) to applications to hires. This results in a huge blind spot for recruitment marketing teams looking to track and evaluate their job advertising performance across different sources or publishers. It also leads to challenges in optimizing advertising performance due to the lack of accurate conversion information.

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In addition, the world of digital advertising has steadily been moving toward a cookieless future to address growing data privacy concerns among internet users. Earlier this year, Google announced its plans to phase out support for third-party cookies in Chrome in the next two years. In March, Apple released a major update allowing its web browser Safari to block all third-party cookies.

The inevitable “phasing out” of cookies is set to spell doom for recruitment advertisers who will be robbed of their ability to track, view, and use accurate data to inform their decisions in ad investments, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide each month.

“The death of the cookie could send us back to the dark ages of recruitment advertising, when decisions were driven by intuition and not data, and millions of dollars were invested with little to no visibility on what worked and what didn’t. Recruitment marketers might soon be forced to switch from relying on insufficient data to simply no data at all,” said Kshitij Jain, Joveo is Founder and CEO.

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