Gamification Marketing Platform BeeLiked Introduces New Service for Businesses to Incentivise Employees

“It’s important now, more than ever, to keep employees and teams engaged”

BeeLiked, the incentivisation and loyalty marketing platform, is delighted to announce a new development that sees its service open to employers and businesses in a bespoke B2B offering.
BeeLiked is renowned for its marketing campaigns with big name brands such as Thistle Hotels, Persil, British Heart Foundation, and Fujifilm. Its campaigns help engage a brand’s customers through interactive games and assets that have an end goal or incentive; usually a prize. For example, BeeLiked has worked with Student Beans to create a “Spin the Wheel” game as part of a Fresher’s Week campaign, which was marketed to its members to win free prizes such as Greggs’ sausage rolls, Currys PC World discounts, and Boohoo vouchers.
BeeLiked is now extending and expanding its service in response to the current climate, where its product can now be used by businesses and employers to keep teams incentivised, engaged and fulfilled in their roles.

BeeLiked’s campaigns for businesses will aim to engage employees in five ways:


  1. It shows a commitment, value and investment to individuals 

  2. It reinforces job satisfaction and deters from leaving or high turnover

  3. It refines company culture for the better

  4. It unlocks productivity with reward

  5. It increases results and leads to greater output for employers

Damian Dutton, co-founder of BeeLiked comments: “This is a new step for our business, as we have historically had a very successful record of creating campaigns for our clients to use in CRM activity, at live events, or on comms and social channels. We’re now proud to develop our offering to welcome businesses and employers as clients who are looking to incentivise and reward their employees. As we all know, happier teams are more productive, which is in every employer’s interests.”

“It is important now, more than ever, to keep employees and teams engaged. Most offices and organisations have a remote workforce, and recent developments with the pandemic imply that teams will be working from home until March. Naturally many employees may lack motivation and drive right now, so the onus is on employers, HR teams, and managers to think about how they can reward hard work, recognise individual success, and encourage their employees. Our gamification platform offers exactly that and can be completely tailored and customised to mirror business solutions and needs,” adds Damian.HR Technology News: Endeavors Unlimited Recognized For Exemplary Disability Hiring And Employment Practices

Trafalgar, the world’s most awarded travel brand, is one of BeeLiked’s first clients in the employee incentivisation service. BeeLiked has worked closely with the management team to create a bespoke and completely personalised programme to incentivise its sales team. When Trafalgar’s employees are successful in holiday sales and reach set objectives, they now have a chance to “spin the wheel” and win a prize as a reward. 
Erin Dupuis, digital marketing specialist at Trafalgar said: “BeeLiked were able to take our ideas, manipulate their pre-existing templates and turn it into something that really worked for our business needs. The back-end functionality was very intuitive and set-up was a breeze. From a Sales Manager / Travel Agent perspective, we also received many compliments on the ease of use. We’re currently up 20% YoY in sales that we can correlate directly to this Spin to Win campaign. We look forward to using this platform again and again for many campaigns to come!” 
Damian of BeeLiked added: “We’re really excited about our new B2B offering to enable many more businesses to incentivise and engage their teams. As humans we respond well to reward; prizes and benefits in the workplace are a big part of keeping teams focused and happy in their roles. This is particularly effective in sales and lead generation teams, like we have seen with Trafalgar, where it’s had a direct effect on the team’s output and sales.”

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