One America Works Showcases High Quality Tech Jobs and Talent in Indianapolis with Virtual Recruitment Event

One America Works Creating and Funneling Tech Opportunities Outside the Valley and into Emerging Tech Hubs

One America Works, an organization that bridges the divide between high-growth Silicon Valley companies and emerging tech hubs across the U.S., is creating new opportunities for tech talent and companies by hosting its third virtual recruitment event in Indianapolis on September 18. The organization is at the forefront of a positive trend gaining traction in the pandemic, as tech talent and companies are expanding their horizons beyond the coasts – One America Works developed a database of more than 30,000 tech workers willing to move into a new city or region for a tech job, a response to widespread tech layoffs impacting 50,000+ workers in Silicon Valley.

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One America Works is partnering with Indianapolis-based growth accelerator TechPoint to bring the upcoming recruitment event to life, which will connect high quality tech talent with top employers, including Cummins, Genesys, Angie’s List, Zylo, Formstack, Passageways and HomeAdvisor. With entry-level and mid-career positions available across engineering, product, sales and many other disciplines, this virtual recruitment event is a perfect opportunity for tech talent based in high cost cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Boston and New York City to make a move, as well as local talent to make new connections.

The Indianapolis event follows on the success of virtual recruitment events in Pittsburgh and Columbus, which attracted approximately 2,000 people signing up for interviews for over 150 positions with 20+ companies, including. Pittsburgh and Columbus-based positions with companies including JP Morgan Chase, Aware, Astrobotic and Niche. These employers located in emerging cities held nearly 100 interviews with qualified tech talent, of which more than 50 percent had over five years experience and 25 percent were engineers.

“The move to remote and distributed workplaces opens up a massive opportunity for tech companies to hire from anywhere and build up their operations in less expensive regions with higher quality of living for talent,” said Patrick McKenna, founder of One America Works. “This move away from expensive, crowded cities like Silicon Valley and New York City benefits places like Indianapolis, where an expanding infrastructure and investment in technology business makes it a magnet for tech talent, both homegrown and new residents.”

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Indianapolis’ strategic location and favorable cost of doing business make it a proven choice for growing companies as they seek new locations for expansion and investment. Industries thriving in Indianapolis include aerospace/aviation; agritech, logistics/transportation; advanced manufacturing, and life sciences.

“With $7B in tech acquisitions, one of the fastest growth rates, and one of Salesforce’s largest global hubs, Indy is in a sweet spot where you can have a successful tech career, the quality of life advantages of a mid-size city, own a home, as well as make a personal impact in one of the great next-generation tech hubs,” said TechPoint President & CEO Mike Langellier. “We welcome both local talent and out-of-state professionals ready to make a move and either work remotely or land a job with Indy tech employers and are happy to support the One America Works virtual recruiting fair.”

Founded by Patrick McKenna – an entrepreneur and investor with experience co-founding, operating and investing in several highly successful technology companies – One America Works is bridging the divide in America by spearheading connections between high-growth companies looking to expand and emerging regions across the U.S. that provide high-quality talent and investment opportunities. And this concept is gaining momentum as it creates hundreds of jobs in emerging hubs around the country. The 501c3 non-profit is leveraging a million dollar grant from RK Mellon Foundation to expand into new emerging tech cities this year including Columbus and Indianapolis.

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