LinkedIn’s Economic Graph Reports 3x Growth in Job Ads with “Creator” Job Titles

A large number of hiring managers are now posting job ads with “creator” titles in their job descriptions. According to a workforce trends report based on the LinkedIn’s Economic Graph, the job postings with “creator” as a keyword has almost tripled since 2021. Technology and innovation, advertising services, staffing and recruiting and e-learning sectors have the highest number of jobs with “creatives” in their ads.

So, what exactly is a “creative” job and what kind of skills are hiring managers looking out for in candidates. To understand this trend, we dived into the workforce trends published by some of the leading market research companies covering the HR Technology and Enterprise technology space. This is what we found out.

Organizations are Hiring for Skills that Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

Many new job titles didn’t exist 10-15 years ago. Due to the massive uptick in the consumption of social media content across diverse platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Quora, users are generating high-level content for their audiences. And, that’s where creative jobs get their inspiration. While data analysis and B2B marketing remain top job search and job advertising keywords, newer terms like blockchain influencer, Fintech content reviewer, video game expert, and so on have recently made it to the list of top job titles that hiring managers are looking out for in the talent market. Few years ago, nobody would have placed faith on an Instagram account to become a source of candidate profile– even though top business leaders have been looking closely at YouTube and Quora channels for top-class professionals– people who could answer generic questions on customer service, product reviews and experiences. But, with ready access to high-speed internet, good smartphone camera and excellent editing and graphic tools, people looking for jobs in specific domains get uninterrupted attention from hiring managers– and for creating great content, these candidates get paid well.

People Spend More Time with Creative Development than Reading News

Most Gen Z users are news creators themselves. Anything that they write or post on social media channel has the potential to become ‘viral.’ So, when an aspiring journalist put her TikTok video on Linkedin, this is how the audience reacted. Similarly, many candidates post YouTube DIY and creative content videos to meet and greet hiring managers (whoever is looking for the profiles). Of course, many social media platforms also have “moderators” as job roles to assist people with “creative” job titles. The level of expertise needed varies depending on the nature of job, the industry and the volume of content required to be published every week or month. Things stay dynamic when you work with creative people- and that’s exactly what makes this industry so fascinating.

So, if you are looking for your next superstar in marketing and sales, TikTok account with reasonably good number of followers and posts could become your new source of hiring good talent. So what are you waiting for? LinkedIn’s Economic Graph continues to be a useful asset for HR managers to understand how the hiring industry has evolved in the post-COVID era.

If you have used a non-traditional channel to source your candidates, please share with us. We will feature your story here at HRTech Series.

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