HR Tech Interview with Greg Moran, CEO at Outmatch

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Tell us how you reached your position at Outmatch.

I founded Outmatch’s original company, which was called, in 2008. We commercialized the business in 2010, rebranded the company to Outmatch in 2016, and we’ve been building it organically, through acquisitions, and through partnerships. So, I’ve been with Outmatch since day one and now hold the titles of president and CEO of the company.

What is Outmatch and how does it influence the HR Tech landscape?

Outmatch redefines the way that hiring is done on a global scale. Our goal is to make the recruitment process fast, fun, and fundamentally fair for all candidates. We’re driving the conversation to change how an organization thinks about its hiring process and its talent acquisition. The way that hiring is done today is still very outdated and manual, creating a low quality, inefficient, and unfair process, which ultimately hurts both the candidates and the organization, so we’re working to change this.

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Could you tell us how Hiring Experience benchmarks have evolved during the pandemic months? How is Outmatch meeting customer demands?

Hiring has changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Truly automating and digitally transforming a hiring process was something that organizations were talking about before the pandemic, but the acceleration of that digital transformation became really essential during the pandemic. Interviewing specifically was something that immediately moved online, which was not only socially responsible due to social distancing, but it was also a much more efficient and higher quality way to conduct interviews. Because of the sheer volume of job openings as we emerge from the pandemic, the acceleration of digital transformation in this area is going to be more important than ever.

How do AI and Machine Learning make ATS (applicant tracking system) better? What impact do these have on the overall recruitment process?

Outmatch is not an applicant tracking system, so I will let an ATS speak to the first half of this question. But, as far as its impact on the overall recruitment process, you’re able to understand on a deeper level what really defines success and drives real efficiency into a process. You’re able to quickly identify high potential candidates, so hiring managers can spend more time with those who are best fit for the role. Additionally, when done correctly, it’s able to provide a strong backdrop to an organization’s diversity and inclusion programs.

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Tell us about Outmatch’s AI strategy.

We use AI in a few different ways, the first of which is to analyze what makes someone successful in any given role in an organization. Another is to identify patterns of success out of a huge data set, which is more efficient than if done manually or with an Excel spreadsheet. We also use it to analyze specific results an organization experiences, the return on investment that an organization really gets from using our technology, and to quickly identify what level of impact the overall specific product is having on an organization’s hiring process.

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What is your advice to companies that are going slow or yet to decide on AI-based / video based recruitment process?

To some, AI may be just a buzzword. What really drives results is the application of that technology. If you are an organization that is not looking at a wholesale digital transformation of the hiring process, you’re going to become less and less competitive over time. You are going to have an overall hiring process that’s slower and less effective than your competitors, which is going to result in you losing top candidates, positions staying open longer, and a fundamentally unfair process for individuals who may not have the same equity in the process that others may have. So, it’s not AI itself that is really the driver, it’s one tool in digitally transforming the hiring process, which is ultimately the most important thing that an organization can do.

Thank you, Greg! That was fun and hope to see you back on HR Tech Series soon.

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Greg Moran has more than 20 years of human capital management, sales, and leadership experience. He is also the author of Building the Talent Edge: A Field Managers Guide to Recruiting the Best (Spring 2005) and Hire, Fire and The Walking Dead (June 2006, W Business Books). Previously, Greg served as Founder and VP of Sales for PeopleAnswers America, a leading provider of behavioral assessment software to mid-market and large companies in North America. Before PeopleAnswers America, he founded and served as President of Pinnacle Technology Solutions, an executive search, staffing, and human capital management services firm. He has also served as Vice President of Best Resume/Career Management Services. During his tenure, he co-authored Job Hunting: The Ten Best Steps to Success, a job search workshop and audio/video tape series. He is a thought leader in the field of human capital management, having been quoted in national publications such as The New York Times, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, and Inc. Magazine.

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