Hack VC Launches HackJobs.org, Democratizing Access to Software Engineers Globally

Venture firm aims to connect displaced software engineers with top-tier jobs during COVID-19 pandemic, free of charge

Hack VC, an early-stage venture capital firm, today launched HackJobs.org, a free platform created to help the millions of displaced workers due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With an initial focus on software engineers, HackJobs.org aims to match job seekers with many of today’s fastest growing venture-backed startups. The platform is built to help job seekers access opportunities for work at no cost, without having to fill out hundreds of applications. The process is simple and direct, enabling users to fill out one application that can be shared with startups looking to hire.

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Hack VC Launches HackJobs.org, Democratizing Access to Software Engineers Globally

“According to CNBC, 42.7% of Americans were without a job as of May 2020,” said Ed Roman, managing director of Hack VC. “Many high-quality developers have lost their jobs due to COVID-19, yet there is a shortage of over one million developers in the United States today. With HackJobs.org, we aim to address this market inefficiency. High-quality developers are valuable and should have an easier time finding their dream job at a startup, rather than endlessly filling-out redundant job applications. With HackJobs.org, a single job application provides access to a multitude of venture-backed startups, letting employers instead chase candidates. We don’t charge the employer nor the employee – we see this as an experiment in social entrepreneurship.”

A single application to connect engineers with jobs, globally

HackJobs.org makes it easier for displaced talent to find great job opportunities, while providing startups with access to an expansive talent pool. The program is initially linked to Hack VC’s portfolio of over 175 companies, with plans of subsequent expansion. HackJobs.org is available globally, enabling applicants around the world to broadcast their skill set to a wide network of startups across the United States who welcome remote work and/or have offices around the world.

“One of our goals in creating HackJobs.org is to help international students and workers find job opportunities within the United States,” said Vatsal Shah, project manager at HackJobs.org. “Breaking into the U.S. job market can be incredibly challenging, especially if you require sponsorship for a visa. We’re thrilled to offer this service to an international community to help aid in that struggle.”

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“The developer network of Hack VC has been invaluable to us,” said Lincoln Nguyen, CEO of Karuna Labs, an early-stage startup that focuses on reducing chronic pain. “We were able to identify and hire our Chief Technology Officer thanks to their efforts. We are looking forward to seeing the HackJobs.org initiative help many other startups going forward.”

When creating the platform and application, Hack VC worked closely with many of its startups to ensure all key questions were included. Additionally, applicants can demonstrate their preferences on work environments, such as ideal company size, team vs. individual projects, and work/life balance. This is meant for companies and candidates to match each other’s work culture.

“We’ve received over 20 engineering candidate intros via Hack VC,” said Daniel R. Odio, CEO of Armory.io. “Their new initiative, HackJobs.org, has the potential to help many more developers find good careers, while helping startups forward their missions. We’re excited to see this free social entrepreneurship project gain momentum.”

Hack VC is the creator and host of Hack Summit, the largest developer event series in history, providing free technical education and training to developers and those interested in entering the field. Hack Summit is a not-for-profit initiative that raises money for charities such as Women Who Code, Code for America and Black Girls Code. Through this service, Hack VC has raised a community of over 135,000 developers worldwide to help them improve their skills. With HackJobs.org, Hack VC aims to continue giving back to the community and pay it forward to help entrepreneurs and developers realize their dreams.

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