Fusion Marketplace Announces Ratings and Reviews of Healthcare Recruiters

Fusion Marketplace is increasing transparency for travelers looking for their perfect match. The traveler-first platform has unveiled a new feature that allows travelers to rate and review their recruiters.

“One of the main purposes of Fusion Marketplace is to put the traveler in the driver’s seat,” said Dan Scardina for Fusion Marketplace. “We want to empower the healthcare professionals who use this platform to be in control of their career, and adding a system to rate and review recruiters gives them the power to make the best decisions for their needs.”

The ratings and reviews section of Fusion Marketplace will show the rating of the recruiters out of five stars and provide a written review left by a user. These ratings and reviews can be seen publicly on the website.

Healthcare travelers using Fusion Marketplace have been anticipating the launch of the ratings and review feature as an added level of transparency to the platform.

“Word of mouth is everything in this industry,” Kylee Nelson, RN, said. “Being able to see how a recruiter has interacted with travelers in the past is a total game-changer. Seeing reviews from other travelers makes me feel empowered in choosing who I want to work with versus getting thrown into a database and someone drawing my name.”

There is a great demand for traveling healthcare professionals, and Fusion Marketplace is leading by example to build a traveler-first community. With the addition of recruiter ratings and reviews, healthcare travelers now have even more transparency as they make decisions toward their next opportunity.