Field Nation Launches a Solution to Streamline Blended Workforce Management

Eighty percent of companies use a mix of W-2 employees, contractors, and vendors to complete work, but managing a blended workforce is often time-consuming and expensive. Ultimately, many businesses spend too much time on the various tasks associated with workforce management – including employee outreach, searching for contractors, filling coverage gaps, and managing payments – as they are often managed on multiple, disparate systems.

In an effort to provide companies with a solution that streamlines the management process, Field Nation recently launched Field Nation ONE, a single platform for onboarding and organizing talent, managing project workflow, and reporting. This simplified approach allows businesses to optimize their talent management strategies and identify areas for growth and cost savings.

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The key benefits of the platform include the ability to:

  • Organize Workers – Field Nation ONE allows users to group different types of workers into talent pools based on skill, location, or experience, and route projects to the appropriate worker, quickly filling coverage gaps.
  • Expand Coverage – The Field Nation Marketplace also helps businesses expand current talent pools and recruit workers in different markets, allowing companies to stay competitive and outperform the competition with increased capabilities.
  • Manage Projects – The streamlined platform enables users to effectively manage, monitor and optimize projects from start to finish. From creating and routing a project, to assigning the correct worker, processing payments, and analyzing end results, the single integrated system will increase efficiency, boost internal communications, and decrease overhead costs.
  • Receive Real-Time Updates – Businesses can also manage project workflow through a mobile app, providing peace of mind for the dispatcher that the assigned technician arrived at the correct location and provided quality service.
  • Schedule W-2 Employees – The current Field Nation ONE platform allows businesses to access all W-2 employee schedules and apply filters – such as background checks, location, and type of work – and then create and assign a work order within the calendar.

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“As a leader of freelance marketplace solutions, we’re proud to introduce an innovative platform that helps companies streamline everyday tasks and decrease overhead costs,” said Mynul Khan, founder and CEO of Field Nation. “By simplifying the process of managing a blended workforce, businesses will be able to focus on what really matters – revenue and growth.”

Vendors and service providers also benefit from the platform, as it provides real-time updates and messages about available and assigned work through the mobile app, allows access to available work on the Field Nation Marketplace and distributes automated payments twice a week.

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