Verato Announces New Executive Position to Drive a People-First Culture of Innovation and Growth

  • Paige Lisk will join the identity experts for healthcare as the Chief People Officer to support the organization’s rapidly expanding workforce

Verato, the identity experts for healthcare, has announced an addition to its executive leadership team through the appointment of Paige Lisk to the new role of Chief People Officer. In this new role, Lisk will optimize all people-centered activities and lead significant initiatives that will impact ongoing organizational growth and cultural transformation. As Verato experiences a sustained period of hyper-growth, Lisk will enable a heightened focus on talent development, retention and acquisition to continue the culture of innovation and customer success at scale.

“As an organization, Verato is running with the best of the best in the healthcare and technology industries”

The new Chief People Officer role will join Verato’s expanding executive team, including recently appointed Chief Marketing and Chief Customer Experience Officers, in creating a strong foundation to support rapid industry growth and demand following the impressive business success of 2021. Verato’s healthcare business grew by over 60% in 2021, while also achieving Net Promoter Scores in the top 99% of healthcare technology providers.

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“As an organization, Verato is running with the best of the best in the healthcare and technology industries,” said Paige Lisk, the new Chief People Officer at Verato. “Based on my past work with high-performing technology companies, I know that great success in this sector doesn’t happen without great people. Verato has always been a mission-driven, people-first organization. Now that we’re expanding very quickly, it’s crucial that we hold on to those values and nurture our business and staff to support that growth.”

Paige Lisk brings over 30 years of HR leadership and management, strategy, and IT and project management experience to Verato. Lisk approaches HR and people management through the lens of her technology background, using a unique blend of empathy and automation to facilitate the success of individual team members as well as reach overarching organizational goals. Prior to joining the company, she held senior and c-level positions at organizations such as DrFirst, Catalyte, Inc. and PayPal. Lisk has a proven track record of developing people-centric processes, including automating hiring and administrative tasks to improve recruitment and retention, as well as working closely with leadership teams to reach key performance metrics and business goals.

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“Our people are our most important asset at Verato, and I’m proud of the team and culture we have built that values making a difference, being customer-obsessed and being trustworthy,” said Clay Ritchey, CEO of Verato. “As we continue our hyper-growth at Verato, we are excited to have Paige join us to maintain the focus on our people and our values. Paige is intimately aware of what it takes for technology organizations to scale quickly, while also protecting our unique company culture and ensuring that that teams are taken care of personally and professionally. The impact of her addition to Verato can’t be overstated, especially at a time when we’re focusing on employee development and retention as we bring on so many new teams and partners.”

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