Advoqates Helps Business Owners Level Playing Field During End-Of-Year Insurance Premium Audits

As business owners across New York and New Jersey start seeing a flurry of last-minute New Year’s greeting cards arriving in the mail, there’s one more thing that will inevitably end up in the mailbox: a letter from the insurance company scheduling a premium audit for their Workers’ Compensation insurance policy.

“I shudder every time a premium audit request lands on my desk,” says Brooklyn entrepreneur Howard Weiss. “It’s a guessing game to figure out what I owe and there’s always a big bill when the audit is over. Even if there’s a refund, I still feel like money is getting lost. It’s frustrating and the process seems unfair.”

To level the playing field, a group of expert insurance auditors opened an innovative startup called Advoqates. By providing expert premium audit representation on behalf of the insured, Advoqates gives business owners and private companies the upper hand — all at an affordable fixed hourly rate.

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“Our auditors have access to the same tools used by insurance carriers and their internal auditing teams,” says Aaron Englard, Chief Executive Officer of Advoqates. “We represent you, the policyholder, to advocate on your behalf and administer audits directly to the carrier. Advoqates manages the time-consuming task of handling the entire premium audit, allowing you to enjoy financial savings and peace of mind.”

For most business owners across the United States, the seemingly convoluted insurance premium audit is unavoidable. Insurance carriers will conduct an audit on every insured business to verify payroll records and classifications. This data is initially based on estimated figures and then matched against actual numbers the employer provides at the year’s end.

But items like overtime, multi-state jurisdictions, and classification codes complicate the process. In the aftermath of COVID-19, the countless rules hastily issued by various states further confuse things. A typical premium audit can cause business owners to erroneously pay thousands of dollars in extra insurance premiums — and lose their hard-earned money without even realizing it.

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Advoqates has offices in both New York and New Jersey, and is staffed by a skilled team boasting over three decades of real-world premium auditing experience. The company specializes in corporate premium audits, as well as standard business audits, and manages everything from gathering the pre-audit paperwork, to reviewing statutory requirements, to arguing technical complexities directly with the carrier.

“When you have a legal issue, you hire an attorney. When you have a tax matter, you hire a CPA. So when you have a premium audit, it only makes sense to hire Advoqates,” explains Account Specialist Ryan Kahn. “We provide direct representation on all auditable insurance policies — for the insured, agents, CPA, PEO, HR, bookkeeper, and legal professionals — to resolve the complexities relating to premium audits.”

Statistics show that a problematic premium audit can put an entire business in danger of financial insolvency. Going alone against a professional auditor is not a fair match. Business owners need a trustworthy representative in their corner during this critical time. Advoqates has clearly filled the void by creating a zero-hassle and cost-effective solution that allows business owners to keep more of their hard-earned dollars.

“It surprises many people, but we don’t charge our clients a percentage. Advoqates does not feel entitled to take your extra premium, any more than the insurance company is entitled to take your extra premium,” notes Aaron Englard. “Our goal is to help you take advantage of every rule and credit available, and look out for your bottom line, so you’ll never pay a penny more than needed.”

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