New Year, New Career Covid Variants Refocus Priorities

Addressing the growing demand for purpose-driven employment, Co-Founders Bonnie Brown and Paul Turcotte have taken, the career matching platform, to new levels during the pandemic, placing mission-aligned hires for companies that make a difference for people, animals and the planet.

From Pandemic Lockdown To Great Resignation and Omnicron

COVID-19 has changed how we work, and perhaps why, forever. “The pandemic has allowed ample time to think about what’s really important and what I really want,” said Allyson, who left a high-stress corporate position to work from home and be closer to her family and what matters most.

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The Great Resignation, with 2.9% of the entire US workforce resigning, is a personal yet collective reaction to the stress of a forced stop and the restarting of the country. “From organizational research, we know that when human beings come into contact with death and illness in their lives, it causes them to take a step back and ask existential questions,” said Anthony Klotz, a psychologist and professor at Texas A&M, who came up with the term “Great Resignation.” “Like, what gives me purpose and happiness in life, and does that match up with how I’m spending my time right now? So, in many cases, those reflections will lead to life pivots.”

Tapping Into the Zeitgeist of the Times

Passion Placement posted thousands of mission-aligned and sustainable jobs in 2021, averaging over 1,000 jobs daily, and has more than doubled site visitors in over 100 countries, primarily by word of mouth. The company has now entered the international job market with positions in CanadaSingapore and beyond when including remote positions. “We are very excited about 2022 and all of the synergy that will be created by connecting so many more candidates and companies,” said Paul Turcotte.

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“We’ve tapped into the zeitgeist of the nation. In helping mission-driven people use their skill set for companies making a positive impact, we are connecting them to careers that are meaningful to them.  We now offer recruiting, job posting, and consulting for both companies and candidates with a 50% discount for nonprofits, so we can all use our talents together to create a better world,” said Bonnie Brown.

Bonnie and Paul’s timing couldn’t be better. The stress of Covid and the dire environmental circumstances around the globe are forcing many to pivot after having so much time to reflect. Candidates are focusing on what’s important to them for the future, including how their food is sourced, zoonotic diseases, and putting an end to animal agriculture, a leading contributor to climate change. Covid, coupled with an invigorating desire to find meaning and hope in 2022, has reconceptualized the term ‘New Year, New Career’ for many.

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