Abaqus Enhances Its allGeo Platform for Time and Job Costs Tracking With Seamless Integrations With Payroll & Accounting Platforms

allGeo offers enterprise customers a one-stop-platform for field service workflows to track employees’ time and job costs based on custom pay rate logic

Abaqus, a leading Field Service Automation platform, announced today that its allGeo platform now offers capabilities for job cost tracking and time tracking with custom pay rate logic to help field service companies better estimate costs for contract jobs and better manage complex payroll calculations for field staff.

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Job costs tracking

Dealing with job codes can be frustrating for operations teams. Most field service businesses have different hourly rates for different types of employees, types of jobs, state regulatory requirements for regular vs overtime work hours, home state vs away-state expenses, mileage expenses, and more.

With allGeo’s ability to monitor employees at client locations via Geofences and tracking equipment/site via QR codes, businesses can track which job site their field employees were at, the tasks they performed at the job site, the equipment they used, when exactly they performed these tasks and for how long. allGeo gathers all this information seamlessly as your field employees go about their jobs, and then the platform generates job costing reports & KPI reports that can eliminate hours of corrections and reconciliation to help with customer billing & resource-use optimization.

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Pay rate logic

allGeo integrates with multiple payroll systems, enabling two-way data exchange between allGeo and the customer’s payroll system. Earning codes and corresponding pay rates can be imported into allGeo from the payroll system, which can then be used to code every hour worked by the employee based on custom business logic. The time & attendance reports can then be synced back into the payroll system eliminating hours of manual reconciliation.

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“We have over 600 caregivers who visit patients and communities, providing them exceptional care and life-enhancing services. Monitoring their daily schedule and visits, getting accurate mileage information, and generating reports for payroll are all capabilities that are vital to our business”, said Lizette Toscano, Director of Payroll at Charter Healthcare Group. “The allGeo platform gives us comprehensive visibility into our field activity in real-time. It helps us automate our time tracking, task tracking, and mileage expense reporting process with a highly customizable mobile app and reducing paperwork to avoid user errors. allGeo Reports are easily integrated with our ADP payroll system. By automating these key steps in our workflow, we are able to focus on providing a high level of care to the patients and communities we serve.”

Shailendra Jain, CEO of Abaqus said, “The allGeo platform is powerful and flexible enough to customize workflows to fit our customer’s requirements. It can help task and equipment usage tracking with QR codes, perform time & attendance tracking, upload payroll calculations based on custom pay rate logic to payroll systems and generate end-of-day reports in any format. The ability to manage field operations, job costing, and pay rate logic is truly unique to allGeo.”

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