Smartsheet ENGAGE Brings Solution Builders and Teams Together to Unlock Organizational Impact

  • Customers like Dell, Hydro Flask, and OXO and Partners like Webex and Adobe Discuss Innovative Solutions Solving the Challenges of Today’s Work

Smartsheet, the enterprise platform for dynamic work, brought together over 40,000 solution builders at ENGAGE to share innovations and learn about new product offerings that can unlock their potential.

“The ability to make updates without coding experience and the agility to make those updates in real-time has given us the power to build a solution that connects teams from ideation to production to marketing”

The nature of work is evolving and workers are seeking out new approaches to ensure projects are aligned, processes are standardized, and teams are connected across the tools they use the most. Today, attendees heard from peers who are embracing change by building innovative solutions that make a positive impact on their organizations and the world.

“Over the past year, our customers have built truly incredible solutions that make our world a better place. They’re tackling the future of zero emission transportation, aid for humanitarian efforts, and the fight against the pandemic,” said Mark Mader, chief executive officer at Smartsheet. “This ENGAGE is about celebrating these accomplishments, the challenges they’re overcoming, and the solutions that inspire others to achieve more.”

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Building Dynamic Solutions — at Scale

Creating purpose-built solutions for today’s work is not enough; these solutions also need to be built to scale with an organization. From more projects to more people, Smartsheet’s platform aligns work by standardizing the processes and platforms teams use to better map outcomes to business objectives. Today’s announcements include:

  • Building on its no-code offering, Smartsheet is announcing Portfolio WorkApps, coming later this year, which allows organizations to better navigate work across their entire portfolio from the macro enterprise-wide view to the individual project level. Administrators will soon be able to set up one WorkApp template and use Control Center to easily replicate new applications at scale.
  • Coming soon, customers can use the new DataTable capability to securely store data from ERPs, CRMs, and databases. With the data in Smartsheet, teams can manage sharing access, trigger automated actions, and create more efficient processes to easily scale projects knowing their data is available when they need it.

“The ability to make updates without coding experience and the agility to make those updates in real-time has given us the power to build a solution that connects teams from ideation to production to marketing,” said Adryon Wong, senior go-to-market manager at Hydro Flask. “Smartsheet’s platform has optimized the way we approach the entire product development process, which we’ve since scaled across the housewares division of our parent company.”

Enabling Enterprise-Grade Work on a Global Scale

Creating positive impact on a global scale takes the right tools and the right level of flexibility combined with security and governance you can trust. Smartsheet continues to build on its industry-leading capabilities, so teams get the most out of everything they’re managing with the enterprise-grade security that IT requires.

Today, Smartsheet announced the general availability of regional content hosting with Smartsheet Regions in Frankfurt, Germany, providing value to new customers in the European Union with regional compliance, privacy, and governance needs. More international Regions will be added next year.

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Building Deeper, Scalable Connections Across our Technology Ecosystem

Smartsheet continues to build on its integrations with the most popular technologies and tools solution builders use, enabling customers to better connect and execute work seamlessly. Today, the company announced several new and enhanced partnerships and collaborations:

  • Available next week, the new Webex integration enables customers to access Smartsheet natively in Webex meetings and messaging. Teams can plan, coordinate, and collaborate on Smartsheet assets with multiple views that support whatever way your team prefers to engage. In the coming months, customers will also be able to communicate seamlessly via Webex directly within Smartsheet.
  • Coming next week, professionals who use Adobe Creative Cloud can now create Smartsheet proofs, send proof review requests, and view proof feedback in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD. These integrations help teams focus on the work that matters most in the tools where they’re the most productive, allowing them to maintain their velocity with fewer delays.
  • new integration with HubSpot syncs real-time customer and account information bi-directionally between HubSpot and Smartsheet automatically without any manual data entry or tedious imports. The integration ensures that systems work together seamlessly so teams can access the data they need when they need it.
  • new MuleSoft connector allows customers to manage their sales pipeline, event schedules, increase productivity, and eliminate manual tasks by connecting Smartsheet to their email or note-taking apps.

Today, marketers tracking campaigns can also use Bridge, Smartsheet’s no-code process automation capability, to enable additional functionality with Smartsheet’s digital asset management offering, Brandfolder. By automating actions in Brandfolder based on changes to their sheets in Smartsheet like updating the stage of a campaign, marketers using this integration can break down silos between where their work is being planned and where creative work is being executed.

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