REPORT: The Future of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Contingent Workforce 2022

Survey finds a 20% increase in metrics tracked among contingent DEI Leaders

With the ongoing pandemic shedding light on inequities that have long existed, we’ve seen many companies showing even greater support for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). More organizations are realizing that contingent workers hold a big opportunity when it comes to advancing inclusion. HireTalent and Consciously Unbiased, in association with Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), release “The Future of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Contingent Workforce 2022” to continue tracking where companies are in terms of extending their DEI efforts to their contingent workforce.

The first report focused on the need to embrace and adopt inclusion for contingent labor. This year, the report focuses on turning intent into action, because what gets measured gets done.

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In the survey, more than 40% of HR, procurement and other workforce professionals surveyed are now in agreement that their contingent DEI programs are leading edge, a 13% increase in those self-identifying as Leaders in the DEI space as compared to 2020. Moreover, companies leading the charge on contingent DEI have increased measuring DEI metrics by 20% since 2020.

CEO of HireTalent and founder of Consciously Unbiased, Ashish Kaushal, notes, “For businesses to thrive, your people also need to thrive. That’s why leaders need to move towards “The Great Inclusion,” where the emphasis is to leverage the power of diversity and inclusion across your whole workforce. Those who do will win the war on talent.”

The tight labor market is prompting organizations to rely more heavily on contingent workers. After nearly a year of analysis by SIA, the findings show that increasing availability of DEI data can have a real impact on advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the contingent workforce.

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“Through this research, it’s clear that a focus on contingent DEI leads to better business results, such as HR and procurement leaders in the contingent DEI space noting an increase to access to highly-skilled talent as a source of competitive advantage, higher fill rates for their contingent labor, an increase in the ability to attract talent as a source of competitive advantage, and a high return on investment (ROI) for their contingent labor,” says Barry Asin, President of SIA. “Tracking the right metrics will be key for continued progress.”

There is a need to streamline how contingent DEI data is collected, and 83% of those surveyed said they would seriously explore or are already exploring VMS-derived diversity data. To better track industry progress, this report releases the “SIA/Consciously Unbiased Contingent Work DEI Index,” which reflects four components of DEI programs: self-evaluation, metrics tracked, practices, and data. This index will be updated yearly to track future industry progress. The report also includes a playbook for success for advancing contingent DEI, and a guide on United States laws and gathering and tracking DEI data in the contingent workspace.

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