DAJA Announces Launch of DJ6 – the Most Affordable Laser Engraver to Power Creativity

Laser engraving innovators DAJA just announced the launch of a new and powerful multi-material laser engraver. The DJ6 is a compact and portable 3W laser engraver that puts any design, logo, image or pattern onto any everyday object.

Until recently, laser engraving has been limited to certain materials and necessitated the use of expensive, difficult-to-use equipment. Now, using the latest advancements in laser technology, innovative companies are creating powerful engraving solutions that are affordable, user-friendly and compact enough to be portable. The DJ6 from DAJA is an incredibly versatile tool that lets anyone achieve professional-level engraving on virtually any object.

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DJ6 can engrave patterns, designs, logos and images on virtually any materials including wood, glass, colored ceramics, painted metal, food, acrylic, leather, fabric, plastic, and more. From unique gifts to amazing artwork, DJ6 is the perfect tool to turn ideas into reality.

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“Laser engraving turns everyday objects extraordinary, and has endless applications for business, art and production. Our goal with DJ6 was to create a user-friendly solution that would be easy enough for anyone to use. With DJ6, users can easily create any pattern or design and begin engraving in seconds. The special open-frame design of DJ6 allows larger objects to be engraved and it’s portable enough to go anywhere. It is the perfect engraving solution for beginners as well as advanced users and it’s affordable enough for anyone,” said DAJA co-founder Jason Pei.

The DJ6 has powerful features at an affordable price, it’s built around a 3,000mW laser that gives it 1.5mm cutting thickness performance, and it lets users engrave on multiple material types. In order to provide a more versatile engraving experience, it uses an open-frame design for the work area so that creations are no longer limited by size issues. Any horizontally stable object can be engraved quickly and easily.

DJ6 is perfect for those new to laser engraving with an intuitive user interface and software that is compatible with Windows, MacOs, iOS, and Android. With the included APP, users can easily design and create any pattern using different devices and across multiple image formats. And, with a useful preview mode that shows the approximate engraving area of the pattern before engraving begins, reliable results are achieved. DJ6 is FDA and FCC certified and has safety protections built-in, including a safety shield, and motion detection that ensure safe use.

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