With School Re-openings Uncertain, Google Spotlights Lumin PDF for Remote Classrooms

As school districts face tough choices about when and how to reopen, teachers are preparing themselves to face months more of partially remote schooling. Ahead of the start of the new school year, Google Classrooms has featured Lumin PDF as a software that helps ease some of the stress that entails.

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Gearing up for another semester of remote learning? Lumin PDF with Google Classrooms integration makes it easy(ier).

Lumin PDF, a cloud-based PDF editor and document management system, makes assigning and completing classwork remotely nearly as easy as handing out worksheets in class. Teachers use it to upload and assign tests and assignments to a central place. Students are then able to complete assignments inside Lumin , eliminating the need to download, print, or scan.

The convenience Lumin PDF brings to remote learning is no minor benefit. “We’re hearing from teachers that student stress during these uncertain times is having a big impact on their learning,” says Max Ferguson, CEO of PDF. “Lumin PDF for classrooms helps reduce the sense of disorder many of our kids have. It takes the stress out of completing assignments that are scattered across platforms or have to be printed or emailed.”

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The software features simple editing, commenting and discussion, and e-signatures, as well as the ability to create groups of users around one doc. It also goes a step further than other PDF editors by offering OCR technology. Scanned PDFs become automatically searchable, so students can quickly pull out the information they need.

Since Google Classrooms first began featuring Lumin PDF in May, the platform’s student users have skyrocketed from 10K active users daily to over 90K. The dramatic jump underscores the need for quality, practical tools for teachers working remotely. Students and teachers enjoy a 50% discount off Premium Lumin PDF packages.

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