Thrive HR Consulting Provides Critical Skills and Support for Corporations Adapting to the New Normal

Thrive HR, a Silicon Valley, Austin, TX– and Denver, CO-based, minority-owned HR advisory devoted to human resources support and services, now offers its many collective years of expertise and hard-won skills to enterprises in 2020’s difficult environment. Thrive HR assists organizations with needs ranging from divestiture and talent acquisition to HR operations and facilities management.

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Thrive HR, co-founded by HR industry experts Rey Ramirez and Jason Walker, now finds particular success while launching in the current business climate as enterprises grapple with not just continuing but adapting and advancing. Much of the firm’s success boils down to five key principles outlined below.

Exercising empathy

Thrive HR understands that one of the most distinguishing characteristics between good and bad bosses is their ability to empathize.

“Business can become very rote and dehumanized,” says Thrive HR lead Reynaldo Ramirez. “People lose sight that they’re talking to humans in with livelihoods. Those approaches get very stale, very one-size-fits-all. When you do that, your value to the organization diminishes.”

Thrive HR bases all its engagements on empathy and authenticity.

Improving communications

One of the most common denominators Thrive HR sees across dysfunctional teams and companies is people not listening, both physically and virtually. Thrive HR helps clients recognize this behavior and provides strategies for improving it for more effective staff interactions.

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Honest listening from experience

Listening becomes difficult when the listener and speaker lack a common experience base. Lack of commonality can block empathy. Fortunately, the Thrive HR team understands the necessity of presenting reality, not some sugar-coated facsimile, because reality is where commonality lives.

Decisions from data

Enterprise-class decisions cannot stem from hunches. Thrive HR bases a significant part of its engagements on tactical data gathering to better help understand challenges and their contexts. This strips away emotions that can cloud issues and mar results.

Navigating political minefields

Every company comes with its own political minefield of feuds and historical interpretations. Thrive HR employs active listening, taking thorough notes, and “calibration.” Calibration involves correlating and cross-validating information to reveal where mines are buried and how to best defuse them.

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