Thrive Global Founder and CEO Arianna Huffington & Even CEO Jon Schlossberg Offer Proven Ways to De-Stress Your Workforce

Former CHRO of Kohl’s to lead discussion on creating happier, more productive teams through employer-led benefits and work culture

On January 28, Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global, will join Jon Schlossberg, CEO of responsible earned wage access platform Even, for The Future of HR: De-Stressing Your Workforce. Moderated by Telvin Jeffries, former Chief Human Resources Officer of Kohl’s, the discussion will cover how employers can help their employees reduce stress, build resilience and achieve a healthier work-life integration. Drawing from their experiences working with some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies and leading employers, Huffington and Schlossberg will talk about the business benefits of investing in the wellbeing of employees and explore proven, actionable ways for employers to start reducing stress for their workforces today. Central to the discussion, and hugely relevant to the current state of the American workforce, will be the topic of financial stress.

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“People are experiencing financial stress right now, and that stress is connected to our overall well-being, our relationships, and our ability to show up as our best, most productive selves,” said Huffington. “And a company is only as resilient as its people. So employers have a one-in-a-generation opportunity to help their employees alleviate stress and build resilience, with benefits for every aspect of their lives — and with benefits to companies’ retention and productivity. And companies don’t have to overhaul their current benefits and policies to have an impact. By making small changes that help employees prioritize their mental health and avoid burnout, they can create a culture where people feel supported and empowered to bring their best every day.”

According to Even CEO Jon Schlossberg, employers are also in a position to do more to alleviate one of the biggest sources of workforce stress, finances, by transforming how they think about pay and by investing in the financial health of employees. “Today’s workers are experiencing an unprecedented level of financial stress, but the answer isn’t to offer personal finance advice and 401(k) plans,” said Schlossberg. “People up and down the income ladder are living paycheck to paycheck. They need help with expenses and bills that are due before payday and proven tools to build emergency savings before they can even think about retirement.”

Many companies have turned to earned wage access as a way to help employees navigate short-term financial challenges, but it’s essential to pair it with automated budgeting and savings tools to make a lasting impact. Even, which works with companies like PayPal and Walmart, takes this type of holistic approach and data shows it works. The average Even member saves $163 within their first three months of using the app, often saving for the first time in their life, and members have collectively deposited more than $118 million in their Even savings accounts to date.

Thursday’s discussion will cover earned wage access and many other benefits that can alleviate stress, giving attendees a clear framework for strengthening the employer-employee relationship while boosting productivity.

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