Synergy Restaurants Consultants announces the launch of Synergy SYNC, an integrated restaurant training program, checklist management, and accountability platform, signaling a further commitment to innovating the restaurant industry by providing restaurant operators easy, affordable access to better systems and tools to optimize their financial performance. The subscription-based restaurant management platform puts best-in-class training right at the fingertips of restaurant operators and staff via mobile and desktop apps.

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Drawing on more than 30 years of experience solving real-world challenges facing foodservice operators, Synergy Restaurant Consultants designed the Synergy SYNC program to help restaurateurs improve productivity and drive sales, reduce costs and employee turnover. “In our consulting practice, we have seen countless operators across all segments face the same issues, often stemming from a lack of management training,” says Managing Partner Danny Bendas. “We know most operators do not have the time or resources to develop a robust training and systemic operations program, so we have partnered with an incredible digital education platform to create a “plug and play” team training and operations accountability system. ExpandShare is a software platform that has a complete set of features to train, communicate with and enable accountability for restaurant staff on any device. Synergy has created content to make it easy for operators to start training themselves and their team immediately. We provide best practices and operating systems within a powerful digital tool to manage team training and restaurant operations.”

Synergy SYNC is an integrated, cloud-based restaurant training and management platform that aims to create operational consistency. App-based team training with how-to videos for both front and back of house create a solid foundation for consistent operational excellence that improves food quality, service standards, and the financial performance of a restaurant. Synergy Operations and Beverage Consultant Mike Walls says, “With the systems in Synergy SYNC, any operation can run like clockwork and become scalable or simply more profitable, increasing sales, reducing man-hours and staff turnover, not to mention a more favorable culture of success within which to work.” Synergy SYNC powered by ExpandShare provides a turnkey solution that includes a newsfeed feature for team communication, a digital toolbox of management systems and checklists with customizable digital forms that are easily created and monitored.

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For those operators not ready for a subscription to SynergySYNC, Restaurant Management Certification is now available through SynergyU, an individual restaurant management training program that offers a reduced version of the tools provided by Synergy SYNC. On completion, managers earn a Management Certificate of Achievement and placement in the database of Synergy Certified Managers.

Synergy Restaurant Consultants services clients across the globe and continues to make its mark in the restaurant leadership space through its new online restaurant management and total staff training platforms Synergy SYNC and Synergy U.

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