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SHL Improves the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

OPQ Completely Reimagined as an Engaging, Participant-focused Experience

SHL has improved its Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), the world’s best and most powerful assessment to measure behavioral styles in the workplace. The OPQ is now much faster and intuitive, with a greater focus on user experience. Led by over 300 industrial organizational psychologists and backed by over 45 billion data points, SHL’s OPQ offers the most robust analysis of professional performance available.

Since long, companies have relied on assessments such as SHL’s OPQ for deep people insights and an affirmative recruitment experience. Getting hold of the top talent in this competitive recruitment market is not easy, but such assessments help organizations get a better perspective of the candidates. In addition to helping in the recruitment phase, OPQ is also a critical element when it comes to training and developing existing employees and recently hired workforce.

Ken Lahti, Chief Science and Innovation Officer at SHL said, “The OPQ has been completely reimagined as an engaging, participant-focused experience. We’ve taken our great science and made it simpler, faster, and more fun,”

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Improvements Made Without Compromising the Psychometric Underpinnings of the Assessment

The reimagined Occupational Personality Questionnaire by SHL provides exceptional user experience by combining leading science and technology practices. As a result, the response time increases by up to 50%. In addition, the effort required to produce the same rich level of insight comes down significantly. Also, contextual messages help create a better level of engagement with the participants throughout the assessment. The best part about the assessment is that the improvements were made without compromising the psychometric underpinnings of the assessment. This means the level of trust that organizations have endowed upon the assessment remains intact, while the test gets even better!

With over 4 decades of talent expertise, best-in-class assessment science, and over 45 billion data points, SHL has an unmatched view of the workforce. Its world-class talent solutions enable HR leaders to make unbiased decisions across employee lifecycles with the help of deep people insights.

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