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SearchPPE.com Provides Employers With Access To In-State Personal Protective Equipment

A newly launched cloud-based portal, SearchPPE.com, will provide employers with a state-focused, direct order fulfillment process to expedite delivery of personal protective equipment (PPE) as employees return to work. Employers should go to SearchPPE.com to rapidly find PPE manufacturers and register for free.

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The SearchPPE.com website provides employers access to the small business supply chain that retooled to provide PPE during the national COVID-19 emergency, but often remains unseen by buyers within their own city or state.

“As the nation returns to work, we must ensure the safety of our employees. We are asking employers to register on the site to identify and purchase the PPE they need closest to home,” said Betsy Freeman, CEO, Radius Advisory Group, a founding partner of SearchPPE.com.

“Whether you are a retailer, a hair salon, a restaurant chain or an elementary school, the need for hand sanitizer and non-surgical PPE is probably in a re-opening plan. Likewise, healthcare providers, first responders and individual specialty clinics still need PPE as they continue to care for and protect our most vulnerable citizens. We all must work together to enable the timely delivery of PPE where and when it is needed.”

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The automated SearchPPE.com site allows employers to build and update an online profile so they can adjust the level of supplies they need to buy at any given time.

“SearchPPE.com recognizes the importance of in-state support from small businesses in filling the PPE gaps that are left in light of federal and state distribution to the ‘hot spots’ in major metropolitan areas, where the need is greatest,” said Janey Joffee, Assistant Director, Upper Peninsula Healthcare Solutions, Marquette, Michigan. “We are happy to find companies within our own state that can produce and quickly deliver what we need in order to help save lives and get people back to work safely.”

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