June 1, 2020

IntraEdge Launches Privacy-First Self-Check Temperature Kiosk, Janus, to Help Companies Get Back to Business Safely

IntraEdge Launches Privacy-First Self-Check Temperature Kiosk, Janus, to Help Companies Get Back to Business Safely

The Janus kiosk is a turn-key contactless solution that enables companies that are allowed to reopen to support the health and privacy of employees and customers

 IntraEdge  announced the launch of privacy-first self-check temperature kiosk, Janus, an enterprise level hardened contactless solution for supporting companies in getting back to business, available for nationwide order and delivery.

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As businesses across the country begin to re-open, COVID-19 remains front of mind and public health and privacy are paramount. With the Janus kiosk, companies can comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s daily health check expectations and user privacy with this turn-key contactless, market-ready solution. To meet the highest health, privacy and security standards, Janus leverages Pyramid’s Flex kiosk’s thermal imaging technology and the Truyo Privacy Rights Platform, an IntraEdge product, powered by Intel.

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Janus’ contactless check-in process has four simple steps, so employees and customers can go about their business as usual. This check-in process can be integrated into existing HR systems and can support card scanning and manual inputs as needed.

“As state’s begin to re-open, businesses need a safe and secure way to support their employees and customers. Regular temperature checks are one piece of the puzzle,” said Dan Clarke, president of IntraEdge products and solutions. “The Janus kiosks are developed as a privacy-first solution to sense temperature and verify identity with maximum convenience and safety. Nothing will be ‘normal’ about our ‘new normal,’ but we firmly believe Janus will make a positive difference in the lives and environments of businesses’ re-opening through our contactless and secure solution while addressing any privacy concerns.”

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