Reagan Lancaster Offers Mentorship Program For Young Executives and Entrepreneurs in Tech

Reagan Lancaster (SourceTapTige InvestmentsIntellect Software) has announced that he and his team are offering a mentoring program for young executives and entrepreneurs in the area of general business experience in investing in 2021. This venture is near and dear to his heart, as Reagan has a passion for helping the up-and-coming leaders in business to excel to their greatest potential.

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Coming up from a background in the software industry, Lancaster has a deep understanding of tech companies and companies tied to that vein, and will be focused on those specifically. Reagan Lancaster is also offering mentorship programs to CEOs of tech companies who are currently growing their businesses and looking to scale.

The sweet spot of these companies will be those accomplishing over $10 million in revenue to multiple billions and everything in between.

In addition, Reagan will be opening up his program to top sales leaders, offering vital wisdom and information on go-to-market strategies, something Lancaster is known world-wide for. Lancaster will be addressing the hottest markets and finding those key companies offering products that are usable and not over-engineered. Re-focusing on bringing true value to clients and sharing in that success.

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Reagan’s value-based approach made products free, and shared value in splitting the enhancements and benefits to companies back to their company. Lancaster and his team are excited for this venture, and looks forward to seeing the many lives being changed for the better.

Over the years Reagan Lancaster has provided mentorship opportunities to and continues to offer programs to:

  • Graduate & Doctorate Students
  • Young Revenue Officers
  • CEOs of Tech Companies
  • Technology Investors
  • Advertising & Marketing Leaders
  • Top Sales Professionals

Lancaster also offers mentoring for family offices and investors in the tech space.

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