NICE Announces Agile WEM, Empowering Organizations to Sustain High Employee Engagement in the Work-from-Anywhere Reality

With remote work here to stay, NICE enables organizations to virtually keep employees under one roof and empower excellence anywhere

NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) today announced Agile Workforce Engagement Management (WEM), a new offering that allows organizations to empower excellence anywhere among the workforce. Enabling employees to work from anywhere under one roof and driving up engagement, Agile WEM also empowers organizations to rapidly adapt and respond to business upheaval.

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NICE Announces Agile WEM, Empowering Organizations to Sustain High Employee Engagement in the Work-from-Anywhere Reality.

Despite the recent roll-out of vaccines in some parts of the world, it’s clear that a return to business as usual as we knew it will be slow if even a possibility. Remote work is therefore no longer an intermediate state but a long term one. Contact center teams have faced an upsurge in interaction volume over the past nine months coupled with the lack of immediate manager support and the absence of swivel chair assistance in this new reality. This has resulted in a decline in workforce engagement. Organizations must find new ways to motivate the workforce and drive up performance to ensure top quality service that’s conducive to customer loyalty. Organizations must also ensure they are equipped to face sudden business upheaval and mitigate surprises that could adversely impact continuity.

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Agile WEM allows organizations to virtually connect the workforce under one roof irrespective of location, motivate and recognize as well as empower employees with the tools and data needed to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With Agile WEM, organizations are ready to rapidly adapt and respond to an ever-changing business environment. The solution enables organizations to:

  • Gain visibility – understand employee activities and behaviors based on desktop analytics and workforce management (WFM) data from schedules and activities. By leveraging business based KPIs, such as AHT, productivity and adherence, organizations can now drive team and employee focus. A holistic view of the blended office and workforce also enables better management of performance and skill gaps. ​
  • Ensure performance – personalize employee coaching to meet and exceed business goals by focusing on direct data that emphasizes knowledge and gaps. This enables supervisors and managers to guide the workforce in the right direction. Share dedicated employee dashboards that empower them with the insights to adjust their performance course​.
  • Drive engagement – boost workforce commitment and engagement by creating activities that challenge, motivate and reward employees to achieve superior results and nurture teamwork. Reward success by applying points and badges and enable their use for additional time off or related prizes.

“While the world is beginning to step out of the crisis, a new state of business as usual is still undefined and continues to evolve,” said Barry Cooper, President, NICE Enterprise Group. “In the past nine months, organizations recognized the need for agility and that customer service has proven itself to be a lifeline for consumers. With our Agile WEM, organizations are prepared to motivate, guide and inspire employees as they deliver exceptional customer experiences while staying ready to face whatever comes next.”

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