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The National Down Syndrome Society and Voya Cares Release Financial Wellness Guide to Address the Unique Planning Needs of the Disability Community

Voya Financial, Inc. (NYSE: VOYA), announced today that the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) and Voya Cares have published Financial Wellness: A guide for individuals with disabilities, their families and caregivers. The financial wellness guide provides comprehensive information and solutions to address the unique, and oftentimes fluctuating, financial needs of the underserved disability and special needs community. This guide includes information, resources and recommendations to help individuals with disabilities and their families make more informed financial decisions, so they can better prepare for financial independence and a secure financial future.

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This resource aims to provide people with disabilities and special needs, their families, caregivers and professionals with important financial information on personal assets, and both employee and government benefits and how they interact with each other.

“There is a gap in holistic financial planning resources available for the disabilities community. This new resource can help people with disabilities and their families make informed decisions,” noted NDSS President and CEO Kandi Pickard. “NDSS is grateful to work with Voya Cares to develop this critical resource, and we are especially pleased that it is designed to guide individuals with disabilities, as well as their families.”

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The disability community has unique long-term planning needs that are not addressed by traditional financial wellness guidance. A misstep in the planning process could result in ineligibility for valuable government benefits that could jeopardize financial independence and a secure financial future.

“This financial wellness guide addresses the important role that government benefits play in the long-term planning process for people with disabilities and special needs — information that is missing in traditional financial wellness guidance,” said Jessica Tuman, Vice President of the Voya Cares Center of Excellence at Voya Financial. “Beneficiary planning that is not properly executed may jeopardize the eligibility of individuals with disabilities to collect valuable government benefits like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.”

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