Corvex Connected Worker™ Drives Industrial Innovation with Launch of New Checks™ Functionality

The Minneapolis-based company adds additional value to its growing toolkit of connected frontline worker execution solutions for global industry.

With the addition of Checks™, Corvex Connected Worker™ (Corvex) continues to enhance the functionality of its industry-leading connected workforce execution platform. The Checks™ functionality builds upon the Company’s core belief in the untapped value of frontline workforce enablement by adding new technology that reimagines traditional audit and inspection processes. Checks™ helps capture and analyze critical process and business insights from the frontline in real time.

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According to founder and Co-CEO Joe O’Brien, Checks™ addresses a fundamental gap between process and frontline execution as industrial enterprises accelerate efforts to connect, transform, and enable their workforce to deliver higher performance.

“Digitization of manual processes is just the first step,” says O’Brien. “Our connected workforce platform helps create real-time visibility and accountability at the frontline. When problems become visible, people are incented to fix them. With Checks™, we’ve completely reimagined traditional audit and inspection processes, and applied artificial intelligence to make these processes smart, more efficient, and more effective. Our connected workforce technology connects business decision-making to the frontline workforce in real time. Checks™ is simply another smart tool in the connected workforce toolbox that will help our customers find the edge they need to grow and win.”

The launch of Checks™ comes at a time when the costs for industrial transformation are still manageable. Analysts at Gartner, as an example, anticipate that the costs for enterprise digital transformation will double by the end of 2022. The time for investment in technologies like Checks™ is now. The business benefits of an engaged, enabled, and connected frontline workforce are real and available to all. It’s simply a matter of applying solutions like Checks™ to existing practices; in this case those for audits and inspections.

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A manufacturing plant manager commented on the difference Corvex has made to their business. “In the pursuit of transparency, Corvex’s digital format encapsulated everything we have ever wanted in a technology solution focused on driving positive change through safety, quality, and compliance. The data we capture through the Corvex technology suite can be used to identify hot spots and analyze root-cause to drive improvement on the manufacturing floor. If there was ever an ‘easy button’ built for monitoring our operational excellence practice — Checks™ is it.”

Audit and Inspection Re-imagined, not Re-created

Checks™ from Corvex Connected Worker™ reimagines how companies manage traditional audit and inspection processes that frontline workers often consider frustrating. With Checks™, static checklists and inspections give way to dynamic Checks™.  Checks™ gives frontline workers incentive to participate and engages them in the process. As data is collected and analyzed, Checks™ learns and automatically makes these processes more effective and efficient.  The real-time visibility provided by Checks™ leads to team accountability and effective execution at the frontline, creating measurable value in safety, quality, and asset efficiency.

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