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C.H.A.N.T.™ Training Helps Companies Struck by COVID-19 Outbreaks Reopen Safely

C.H.A.N.T. ™ Training Academy Sets Out to Safeguard Organizations Nationwide

In a time when many organizations struggle to reopen safely following CDC guidelines and getting back to business as usual, C.H.A.N.T.™ Training Academy certifies and equips organizations of all sizes with a comprehensive set of tools to keep their staff, work environment and customers safe. By providing the highest level of preparedness training and reopening guidelines tailored to each organization, C.H.A.N.T.™ Training is saving lives and businesses.

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Most recently, a local Los Angeles manufacturer was shut down as 4 of their employees died of COVID-19, and an additional 400 employees tested positive of COVID-19.  For the well-being of the employees in the organization, they partnered with C.H.A.N.T.™ to create a safer workplace.  C.H.A.N.T.™ and their team of certified healthcare consultants hosted multiple sessions to train the employees on how to prevent the spread of all infectious diseases. They also implemented many standard operating procedures that promoted a healthy and hazard free workspace. After nearly a 4-week long closure and partnering with C.H.A.N.T.™, they successfully reopened their facility and resumed their operations.  The implemented plans and protocols resulted in a 350% decrease in reported positive COVID-19 cases.  They were also able to reduce worker absenteeism due to COVID-19 by 35% from 22 days to 14.2 days as C.H.A.N.T.™ Training’s new entrance screening program successfully detects COVID-19 cases 99.9% of the time.  C.H.A.N.T.™ continues to provide the organization ongoing support from nurses and therapists, making them an industry leader in COVID-19 safety.

C.H.A.N.T.™ Training provides organizations effective solutions that addresses many of the issues affecting businesses because of COVID-19.  From physical modifications that allow for safer working conditions to ongoing mental health support. C.H.A.N.T.™ Training understands what is required to keep and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Through a network of vendors C.H.A.N.T. ™ Training Academy is also able to provide clients with P.P.E., testing, reporting, and insurance products. Their COVID-19 reopening program has a stamp of approval from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and they continue to work with key County Public Health Officials: Dr. Portier, Dr. Hooshmand, and Liza Frias.

C.H.A.N.T.™ Training has worked with many local California businesses and they have successfully trained and educated over 3000 workers in English and Spanish to help eradicate the spread of COVID-19.  They have been recently nominated as a COVID-19 Innovator finalist in the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards and have also begin offering free safety workshops for parents and young children.

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