bitJob’s Social-Mining Platform Goes Live, Aims at Closing the World’s Wage Gap

bitJob , a developer of a platform to connect employees and employers with ease, full transparency and full trust will launch its platform Today, Monday, 28 January 2019 at noon ET.

The platform supports both centralized payment methods (fiat money) and decentralized digital currency which ensures both the employee and employer have a crystal-clear concession and complete trust in the system, receiving the full reward for any social action made on the platform and its remuneration. Employers from various industries can publish job requests for any dedicated actions they may need and reward the user, based on the platform reward history and agreed upon price ranges, in any way they consider appropriate without additional costs for both ends.

The innovative idea sprouted in early 2012. Three childhood friends (Dror Medalion-CEO & Co-founder, Aviad Gindi-CFO and Co-founder and Elad Kofman-CMO and Co-founder), like many students, were struggling to find sufficient time to earn decent income while studying. Upon graduation, they were faced with another obstacle: the lack of experience translated to fewer professional opportunities in their field. In time, their idea came to fruition in the form of bitJob.

The core vision—the opportunity for all students to pursue their dreams—has led the team to run a successful Crowdfunding Campaign in 2017 (ICO), enabling the firm to create a dedicated platform and a unique digital currency for students. The student tokens, also known as STU, are based on Ethereum Blockchain and serve to reward & make payments inside the bitJob platform, and thus expand the global movement already backed by academic institutions and supports from around the world.

The Ethereum technology liberated bitJob from the need to blindly trust server administrators, mass forums and mix and match sorting. Thanks to its transparent properties, a stronger authentication process and a step by step identity and verification process that takes place when performing social actions on all platforms, the process of combining both ends agile, easy and trustworthy.

Students all over the world find themselves short on cash from time to time and hope to earn additional income and gain real-world experience while still in school. bitJob aims to provide them with small, fast and fitting and somewhat challenging tasks rewarded with STU currency, assisting students to earn digital currencies while enriching experience and skills for future career success. Some examples may include: Verification processes (Promote individuals’ social identity by verifying profiles), Job Matching (Link people with the perfect job for them), Reputation (Ranking positions the users have held and improve employer branding), and Promotion (popularize the ecosystem with likes, shares, and other actions on social media).

bitJob has started a Social Mining™ revolution which will eventually grant a true social based solution for students, freelancers, and employers to exchange knowledge and skills using STU tokens in a fast, easy and secured way.

Join the revolution today and help bitJob create an equal, self-sustaining marketplace where everyone is a winner. We invite employees and employers to join our growing social mining community today, earn STU tokens, and easily stream the income You Need.