Littler Goes All In with RelativityOne

The global law firm announces migration of Relativity services to cloud-based RelativityOne

Littler, the world’s largest employment and labor law practice representing management, today announced it has migrated its enterprise Relativity offering from an on-premises data center to cloud-based RelativityOne.

As an early adopter of Relativity, Littler was one of the first AMLAW 100 to use the platform when it adopted Relativity on an enterprise basis in 2009. (All of the AMLAW 50 and 198 out of the AMLAW 200 use Relativity.) Littler is now one of the first AMLAW 100 to go all in on RelativityOne to service its over 1,500 lawyers practicing in 84 offices globally.

Paul Weiner, a shareholder who serves as Littler’s National eDiscovery Counsel, commented: “At Littler, using best-of-breed technology to bring forward-thinking solutions to clients’ pain points is imbedded in our DNA. This has allowed us to create solutions like Littler CaseSmart®, our industry-disrupting litigation platform, the Littler Pay Equity Assessment™, that combines our deep experience in employment law, data science and statistics to analyze pay equity issues and present real-time results in a user-friendly dashboard, and ComplianceHR®, a joint-venture, on-demand suite of intelligent compliance applications fueled by Neota Logic’s AI to automate expertise, documents and workflow. Our move to RelativityOne is an enormous opportunity to elevate our industry-leading eDiscovery capabilities to the next level.”

Littler first signed on to RelativityOne in 2018 and has already benefited from the extensibility and flexibility that the secure SaaS product offers.

Littler’s move to RelativityOne is also consistent with the firm’s focus on using state-of-the-art cloud-based technologies that offer industry-leading security for data. Michael McGuire, a shareholder who serves as Littler’s Chief Information Security Officer, also commented: “Deepening the partnership with RelativityOne allows Littler to combine its own stringent security protocols with a SaaS product that is hosted in the secure Microsoft Azure cloud and that features Relativity’s industry-leading and intel-driven security posture, that is both ISO 27001 and SOC 2, Type II certified.” .

With RelativityOne at the core of their eDiscovery service offering, the firm can focus less on infrastructure needs and devote more time to creating customized solutions that address the complex data problems of its clients.

“Littler’s investment in RelativityOne highlights their commitment to providing best-in-class eDiscovery services to their clients,” said George Orr, Vice President of Customer Success and Support at Relativity. “We look forward to seeing how Littler uses our SaaS product to continue to stay on the cutting-edge of legal technology today.”