Bechtle Future Proofs Workplace with Citrix

Company creates superior digital experience that engages employees and enables them to thrive using Citrix Workspace

When it comes to the future of technology, Bechtle doesn’t just think about it. As Germany’s largest IT systems integrator and a leading IT e-commerce provider in Europe, the company helps organizations around the world prepare for and capitalize on it. Ditto for the future of work. On May 21, Bechtle will discuss how it is using digital workspace solutions from Citrix Systems, Inc. to create a modern work experience that engages employees and fuels their productivity and success. The company will participate in a Fireside Chat at Citrix Synergy, the premier digital work conference set to take place at the Georgia World Congress May 21-23.

“At Bechtle, everyone is part of a strong and connected team and a key driver of our success”

“At Bechtle, everyone is part of a strong and connected team and a key driver of our success,” said Marco Stalder, Team Leader, Citrix Workspace Services. “As a modern employer in the forward-facing IT industry, we strive to create a world-class user experience that gives our employees the freedom and choice to work when, where and how they want to move our business forward. And Citrix Workspace allows us to do this.”

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Delivering the Future of Work Today

The nature of work has fundamentally changed. And so too have employee expectations. Work today isn’t a place. It’s a dynamic activity. And people expect it to be as simple and efficient as their personal lives.

“As an IT company, we try to make things as easy as possible for the user and deliver a very good user experience because people really need to enjoy working with the solutions they use to get work done,” Stalder said.

But he admits this wasn’t always the case. “In the past, user experience was limited because it was not one of the key priorities in making decisions.”

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Putting Users First

With Citrix Workspace, Bechtle has been able to change this dynamic, giving employees access to the apps they prefer to use in one unified experience while also providing IT a single control plane through which they can onboard and manage application performance without getting in the way – a critical capability in Stalder’s mind. “Security is critical, but it must be invisible to the user,” he said.

And the feedback Stalder has received from employees since implementing the solution has validated the company’s approach. “People tell me what a pleasure it is to work with the Bechtle Corporate Workspace solution,” he said. “One person who travels a lot noted that working at 10,000 meters is now as easy as working in the office.”

Bechtle joins a rapidly growing number of organizations around the world who use Citrix Workspace to power a simple, intelligent and reliable way to work that engages employees and improves business productivity.

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