Altitude Networks Announces Real Time Risk Alerting and Resolution via Slack providing Cloud Data Protection and Rapid Risks Remediation

Cloud Native DLP Protecting Google Workspace (G Suite) and Office365 with Slack Integration
– Altitude Networks rolls out risk alerting and remediation via Slack
– The solution is a relief for Security and IT teams have been struggling with alert fatigue and complex response workflows

Altitude Networks, the leading provider of Cloud DLP for collaboration platforms, announces a new integration with Slack that will make security and IT teams faster and more effective to protect their data. With this integration, Altitude Networks will send an alert of new data loss risks in real time via Slack including a one-click risk remediation option. Combined with Altitude Networks’ unique smart detection of data risks in Google Workspace (G Suite) and Office365, this new capability will simplify and bolster enterprise data loss prevention for small and large organizations.

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“File collaboration moves at the speed of business and companies need security solutions that surface critical risks and provide data security protection without slowing down or encumbering users. Today, with this Altitude Networks Slack integration, security teams gain the visibility and control they need to confidently know their critical cloud data is always safe” says Michael Coates, CEO of Altitude Networks.

In today’s cloud connected environment, data security is paramount; however, security leaders have struggled to find solutions that prevent data from falling into the wrong hands, while being fast and reliable. Traditional DLP products have been ineffective and required huge time investments for tuning, tagging of data, management, and they often only scratch the surface of data security

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Altitude Networks uses an intelligent risk analysis engine that identifies files containing sensitive data that are being shared in specific high risk scenarios. Examples of these risky scenarios are:

  • critical files shared to personal accounts of employees or to the entire Internet
  • accidental internal oversharing of critical data
  • behavioral anomalies such as sudden bursts of file download activity

The solution provided by Altitude Networks is especially important today, in light of the shift to work from home and the subsequent boom of cloud collaboration tools, an environment that exacerbated the gap of data security in the cloud. Some situations where Altitude Networks can help are:

  • Cloud data protection during employee and contractor offboarding
  • Data breach protection through proactive discovery of cloud file at risk to unauthorized access
  • Unauthorized cloud data exfiltration by OAuth-ed or rogue applications

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