MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant Featured as a “Brilliant Bot” in the Slack App Directory

MeBeBot’s AI ChatBot Automates HR, IT and Ops Support by Providing Immediate Answers to Employees’ Questions within Teams, Slack or Web Portals

MeBeBot, a leading provider of an AI Employee Experience Platform that supports HR, IT and Operations teams, announced  the selection of MeBeBot’s AI Intelligent Assistant as a “Brilliant Bot” in the Slack App Directory.

Slack, a collaboration hub that brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done, features Apps in their “Brilliant Bots” category that have been vetted and approved by Slack and are considered noteworthy for their unique capabilities and features. From Fortune 100 companies to corner markets, millions of people around the world use Slack to connect their teams, unify their systems, and drive their business forward, with a heightened focus on digital workplace transformation and hybrid work.

“MeBeBot is a key component in creating a positive employee experience with our hybrid workforce,” said Derek Sidebottom, CHRO of CrowdStreet. “We wanted a solution that leverages our existing Slack collaboration environment to facilitate adoption and provide immediate value to our employees.”

MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant’s is an App in Slack workspaces, automatically answer hundreds of employee questions per day for leading mid-market global companies.

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companies globally are embracing apps that support hybrid workforces in the flow of work,” said Beth White, Founder and CEO of MeBeBot. “MeBeBot’s app in Slack powers digital employee experiences. Employees receive 24/7 support to their FAQs, receive consistent company communications, and can provide feedback to pulse survey questions. We’re excited that MeBeBot’s Intelligent Assistant is featured as a Brilliant Bot, as a productivity solution for the future of work.

MeBeBot’s solution includes a proprietary knowledge base that is quickly and easily edited to reflect the customer’s unique culture and environment. With a unique, crowdsourced approach to training the AI data model (utilizing Natural Language Processing and human/machine learning of customer’s aggregated data), MeBeBot ensures employees receive timely and accurate information during these times of significant workplace change.

MeBeBot’s first order of duty is to answer employee questions such as:

  • When do we get paid?
  • How do I get a copy of my paycheck stub/slip?
  • Where can I find the employee directory?
  • What is the phone number for the Employee Assistance Plan?
  • How do I use web conferencing tools?

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In addition to this announcement, MeBeBot recently added new functionality to its Intelligent Assistant Platform for HR including Push Communications and Pulse Surveys. The Push Communications feature enables customers to quickly deliver information, reminders, and updates through the organization’s chosen collaboration tool. The Pulse Survey feature enables HR teams to launch a survey and analyze results in just minutes, facilitating a rapid understanding of sentiment and providing employees with a feedback mechanism. Both Push Messaging and Pulse Surveys leverage the member lists in Slack channels, so there is no need to create separate distribution lists to send out personalized messaging and surveys using MeBeBot.

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