HardHat and ProScore Announce Workforce Compliance Joint Venture

HardHat Workforce Solutions and ProScore Technologies announced a joint venture at the RE+ Texas conference. This venture will bring ProScore’s workforce compliance technology solution to HardHat’s new and existing clients. Now, contractors and subcontractors can easily navigate the Inflation Reduction Act, relying on technology to ensure workforce compliance.

“ProScore is excited to be able to offer our state-of-the-art platform to HardHat clients,” said Britt Hager, CEO, ProScore Technologies. “Our revolutionary AI engine leverages machine learning, big data models, and complex algorithms to produce real-time insights and analytics for digital compliance that are optimized for mobile.”

“This is a new chapter in HardHat’s working relationship with the ProScore team,” said Brian Rentch, Director – Renewable Energy Division, HardHat Workforce Solutions. “With the ProScore platform, our clients can successfully navigate the complexities of the Inflation Reduction Act with a turnkey solution, achieving the 15% labor hour requirement on all IRA projects.”

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The industry benefits of the joint venture include:

  • IRA Workforce compliance
  • National DOL Approved Apprenticeship Program
  • 1:1 Ratio management
  • Prevailing wage verification
  • Real time reporting
  • Bankable audit capabilities

ProScore Technologies is a regtech company located in Austin, Texas with the industry leading workforce compliance solution for the Inflation Reduction Act. From project inception to apprentice certification, the ProScore platform is tailored to address the intricate compliance complexities faced when investing in clean energy and energy efficiency.

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