Unlimited Courses, Limitless Reimbursement: Hexaware’s SONIC Learning Framework Makes Upskilling Rewarding

In a significant stride towards prioritizing employee development and empowerment, Hexaware Technologies recently unveiled its pioneering SONIC Learning framework. SONIC, the sound of learning, underscores Hexaware’s unwavering commitment to enriching the employee experience and fostering a culture of perpetual learning.

SONIC aims to establish a strong framework that enables Hexaware employees to acquire external certifications, facilitating rapid upskilling in an era characterized by constant technological advancement.

The most exciting part is the absence of limitations on the learning journey. Hexaware has removed all caps on reimbursement costs, and employees can pursue as many certifications as they desire each year without restrictions. Hexaware also offers employees a learning bonus ranging from 3,000 to 12,000 InAwe points, redeemable on Hexaware’s employee portal, depending on skill relevance and market demand.

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The framework is meticulously designed to expedite the learning and career advancement of each Hexawarian, thereby cultivating a dynamic and agile organization poised to confront any challenge.

Vinod Chandran, COO at Hexawaresaid, “Hexaware isn’t just a workplace; it’s a dynamic support system for individual growth. The organization is committed to standing by its employees every step, ensuring they acquire diverse skills and expertise through the SONIC framework.”

Explaining how SONIC works, Satyendu Mohanty, Global Head – Talent Managementsaid, “SONIC embodies a culture of continuous skill enhancement and limitless learning. Our vision is to make Hexaware the best place to learn and grow in the industry, and the SONIC platform embodies that vision. It offers diverse options for consultants to grow horizontally across technologies and vertically from a role perspective by providing industry-recognized courses and certifications to engaging in hackathons, mentoring peers, and contributing to CoE projects. We aim to identify talent based on their acquired skills, align them with career aspirations, and maximize their impact on projects, enhancing quality and productivity for our valued customers while making it a rewarding experience for our consultants.”

Hexaware’s commitment to nurturing employees is further evidenced by its ambitious plan to upskill 12,383 employees under SONIC across various regions, including India, the US, the UK, and beyond. This commitment extends to upgrading the technology proficiency of approximately 13,000 employees up to the G7 grade.

The learning portfolio offered under SONIC is extensive, primarily focused on IT, but encompassing many subjects. From Cloud certifications (AWS, MS, GCP, ORACLE) to DevOps, React, ServiceNow, Sitecore, Angular, Pega, MS Dynamics, Salesforce PowerApps, PMP, and Scrum Master, SONIC ensures a comprehensive learning experience. This extends beyond IT to encompass vital areas like Project Management, Agile, and Scrum.

Summing up SONIC’s mission,Satyendu Mohanty said, “Hexaware is more than an organization; it is a thriving ecosystem of growth, empowerment, and boundless opportunities. SONIC is more than a program; it is an invitation to embark on an extraordinary journey toward excellence.”

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