Swedish AI Startup Creates Training Platform to Upskill 2.7 Billion Deskless Workers

Yashar Moradbakhti, Per-Olov Jernberg, and Morten Diesen came together to modernize the way organizations address training and development programs for the deskless workers.

A team of ex-Spotifiers have announced the launch of an AI-powered training platform for deskless workers. The AI startup company called Lingio brought AI Course Creator out of its hood to solve unique challenges facing the global workforce industry. According to the company, the new AI course is built on years of government-funded research, yielding 12x better results compared to any other learning platform currently available for the deskless professionals.

dashboard of Lingio HR Technology tool for AI-generated content
dashboard of Lingio HR Technology tool for AI-generated content

There are more than 2.8 billion deskless workers employed across various industries and regions. In the US, 75% of the working class consists of deskless professionals. Technology is forcing organizations to adapt to new styles of working, pushing for innovations in employee training and development programs. However, deskless workers remain away from all the action that is happening inside the office. From remote to hybrid and back to office, it is hard to predict what the future of workplace may look like. But, one thing is clear amidst all this chaos– deskless workers need training to work with emerging technologies. And, there is no bigger assistance than relying on AI and automation to take care of the deskless workers training and development.

What is AI Course Creator?

The AI Course Creator by Lingio is an AI-training solution that generates industry-focused content for courses related to the niche domains where deskless workers require up-skilling. It leverages AI capabilities to transform text into engaging and experiential learning tools to provide an enjoyable and equitable training opportunity to the deskless workers.

It took three colleagues from Spotify, MTG, and EA Games to harness the power of AI for workplace training. Yashar Moradbakhti, Per-Olov Jernberg, and Morten Diesen came together to modernize the way organizations address training and development programs for the deskless workers.

Within 3 years of receiving a public grant for their startup idea, Lingio launched their first generative AI training solution from this research, the Lingio AI Course Creator, which accelerates upskilling and reskilling in the current labor market.

The deskless workers always lagged the “desked” counterparts when it comes to training and working with technology.

With Lingio’s efforts, organizations can reimage their training programs with superior AI-powered development initiatives, driving better outcomes in terms of speed, efficiency and loyalty among employees. With generative AI, organizations already envision a future-ready foundation for their existing workforce. Keeping deskless workers away from the AI movement could eventually hurt the interest of the organization in the future. 

Lingio states that its AI model is responsible, and therefore, more reliable and trustworthy in the current scenario. Built using contextual data tapped from four years of training and research from large enterprises and startups, the AI Course Creator taps the power of machine learning along with human intelligence to verify each and every response generated by AI.

The CEO, Yashar Moradbakhti, provides a brief introduction to his AI project. Yahsar said, “We started this project in 2019 to revolutionize the way individuals and organizations approach learning and training in the workforce of the future. Instead of sharing training documents that employees may or may not have read or understood, our AI Course Creator helps you create gamified training courses in seconds that yield 12 times higher course completion rates compared to other solutions. The learning model is built on four years of research into verified AI practices proving our commitment to responsible technology and upholding the highest standards in AI for workforce training.”

When 25% of deskless workers state that their efforts are stifled due to lack of access or understanding of the technology used in their company, it calls for a serious retrospection. Yes, organizations are doing their best to cover up for this gap between deskless professionals and knowledge workers. And, a platform like Lingio only makes it easier to achieve the goals. With AI-generated industry courses for deskless workers, Lingio intends to the labor market technology space with powerful and intuitive knowledge resources accessible to all.

The AI Course Creator harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to quickly generate customized, industry-specific courses, facilitating game-like, yet effective training experiences for employees across various sectors. Currently, the platform supports content with translations for 100 languages, enabling deskless workers with real-time access to learning modules for various functions.

Key features and benefits of Lingio’s AI Course Creator include:

  • Industry Relevant Courses: Lingio’s platform ensures that courses are highly specific to industries, whether employees are based in front of the laptop or working in on-the-go  industries such as home care, cleaning and transportation. It supports industry-specific technical terms and inclusive language that are reviewed by industry experts, therefore providing better industry translations than other solutions on the market today.

  • Reliable and Verified Training Content:  Lingio uses reliable source content for creating the training material, for example, internal training documents or Wikipedia. Then, the generative AI is used to create questions based on the source content, and after, Lingio’s editor review mode makes it easy for the user to quickly verify the AI-generated questions and answers.

  • Gamification: Learning with Lingio is an engaging and fun experience, employing gamification techniques learned from previous employees of both Spotify and EA Games to encourage users to practice and learn more quickly. Its courses have 12 times higher course completion rates compared to other similar training solutions.

  • Customization: Lingio provides a high level of customization, allowing organizations to customize course content with their brand name, images, and tone of voice. AI-generated quizzes, dialogues and stories will use the organization name, relevant job roles, and industry terms. 

  • Inclusive and Equal Terminology: Courses also include a mix of ethnicities, and represent all genders and people with disabilities, so the courses can cater to a wide array of audiences or employees. 

The AI Course Creator is currently available as a free trial. Users can benefit from scalable pricing options for businesses and enterprises. The SaaS company recently received around $3.8M USD in funding by lead investor Backing Minds. Lingio is also a trusted solution for Scandic Hotels, Stockholm Municipality, Keolis, Nobina, Ambea and many other Swedish and international companies.