New YouScience Report Shows Oregon Students Have Aptitude for State’s In-Demand Careers, But Exposure to Career Pathways Is Lacking

Oregon has the 11th fastest growing state economy in the United States, attracting many Fortune 100 companies such as Nike, Intel, Daimler Truck, and more. The state has also grown significantly in key sectors, including manufacturing and healthcare. While these factors have made Oregon an attractive job market for individuals from across the country, much of the talent to support its economy can be cultivated in the state’s secondary and post-secondary education institutions. This can be done by creating a stronger connection between education and career.

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To help, YouScience, the leading technology provider dedicated to closing the growing skills gap between students and employers, today released a new piece of research, “The 2023 Oregon Student Ability and Economic Outlook Report.” The report’s findings reveal that Oregon students have the aptitude to excel in many sought-after careers, like computer & technology, advanced manufacturing, and health sciences. However, despite this, interest in such careers appears to lag behind their aptitude. If action is not taken to close this gap, Oregon may experience a labor or employee gap.

In addition, the research revealed that female students may face biases that hinder them from pursuing career paths in which they have an aptitude. This can be due to various factors, such as gender stereotypes, patriarchal attitudes, or simply a lack of exposure to various career options available to them. These issues can prevent female students from exploring and developing their potential in ways that would ultimately benefit them in their chosen field.

“We aim to transform how we engage learners of all identities, abilities, economic status, and regions by inspiring and empowering students to match their passion with future opportunities. Plus, we aim to strengthen collaboration and alignment between education and industry by expanding work-based learning experiences based on student voice and choice,” said Deb Mumm-Hill, Executive Director at Oregon STEM. “Our students need real-world experience to help them prepare for their future.”

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“YouScience’s aptitude assessment is valuable in helping our students learn more about themselves and how their natural abilities can be applied to in-demand and high-wage jobs. The YouScience approach has been particularly successful in revealing students’ innate talents that they may not have been aware of and showing them how their gifts align with the exciting world of work. We are committed to providing our students with the resources they need to unleash their potential, create experiential pathways, and ensure equitable opportunity and prosperity for our emerging workforce,” Mumm-Hill added.

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